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HTC HD7 Trophy

HTC HD7 Trophy review

Mobile gaming is definitely on the increase thanks to iPhone sand Smartphones being pretty much ubiquitous nowadays. I must admit defeat and say that even though I own a Samsung Galaxy I am still jealous at the fact that iPhones do seem to run quicker with less crashes and they have better apps. But what about the newest contender, the Windows Phone? I had an SPV back the day which ran Windows on it and I liked it very much. Since then though I switched back to a simple Nokia until recently getting the Samsung. Just before Christmas, however, I...

iPod touch

iPhone vs DS and PSP

Apple VP Phil Schiller has been attacking the DS and the PSP. He boasts that with over 21,000 games available for the iPhone, it’s the leading handheld gaming device on the market. Buy an iPod Touch  now New: Buy an iPod Touch from Amazon.com

PSP phone

PSP mobile phone

To keep up with Apple, Sony may be implementing cell phone technology into the PSP. Separate to the PSP GO, the new device may not even have the PSP brand but should feature games and movies available on disc and the ability to send SMSs and make calls. Buy a PSP GO now New: Buy a PSP GO from Amazon.com Related: Sony E3 highlights, PSP Go rumour


iPod Touch fire hazard

An iPod Touch has allegedly set a kid’s pants on fire. A mother in Ohio is apparently suing Apple after the battery broke down and burst into flames. I don’t know about you but I never leave the house in anything but asbestos underwear! Buy an iPod Touch now New: Buy an iPod Touch from Amazon.com

Hudson Crayon Physics Deluxe

Hudson Crayon Physics Deluxe iPhone games

Hudson are bringing the highly acclaimed Crayon Physics Deluxe game to iPhone and iPod Touch and it’s looking like a cross between Windows Paint and Defend Your Castle for Wii. A lot of people scoffed when Apple said the iPhone and iPod Touch would be viable gaming platforms. It’s true that with no physical buttons the iPhone is limited to games that can only work with touch screen and accelerometer technology but this hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of iPhone app games being downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Whilst many of the iPhone games are free there are a...

3G iPhone gaming

3G iPhone gaming

Yep its official, Apple have now announced the iPhone3G. Those of you who queued up with all of your savings to buy an iPhone just a few months ago, don’t you just wish you’d waited a little bit longer? Whilst the iPhone3G isn’t a drastic upgrade from the original model, the ability to use 3G cellular connectivity means fast internet speeds and quick downloads for large applications and the upcoming Apple games service (which includes Sega’s Super Monkey Ball). Whether or not Apple can really squeeze itself into Nintendo and Sony’s portable gaming market remains to be seen but we’ll...