iPhone vs DS and PSP

Apple VP Phil Schiller has been attacking the DS and the PSP. He boasts that with over 21,000 games available for the iPhone, it’s the leading handheld gaming device on the market.

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  1. Harry says:

    i can expect the ipod to lose to the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS due to the fact that it does not have any of the really well known franchises. These being:Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Mario(of course), Zelda, Gran Turismo, Tekken or Sonic and classic game collections, if so Apple have over 21,000 games 1.None of them will probably be known as a good game compared to nintendo & sony classics and along with the sony psn and nintendo wiiware and virtual console, will easily be outshadowed by unmissable games from the ps1 and n64 ages.2.rumors are that too many apps can permanantly freeze the iphone and with 21,000 games it would be inpossible to get every one of them with counting a apps