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Picture of Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Quiz Show

Our favourite Japanese company are finally spending some of the cash they’ve been printing with the incredible sales of the Nintendo DS and Wii. After a successful advertising and sponsorship campaign on Channel 4 in the UK last year, Nintendo have decided to sponsor a new quiz show called Britain’s Best Brain for Channel 5. It appears the show’s format uses a similar set of skills to that of the successful Brain Age for DS and Big Brain Academy for Wii. Contestants on the show will need to be highly skilful with their memory, co-ordination, numeracy, recognition and risk taking.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal for the Wii

The hit TV show Deal or No Deal comes to Wii in this special exclusive version which features support for your Mii avatars. Featuring the voice and Mii of Howie Mandel you’ll be playing to win the jackpot by opening up the usual 26 briefcases with hidden amounts of cash inside. With support of up to four players including the chance to play as the banker, this could be a fun title for a family who never misses an episode of the Deal or No Deal TV show. The Deal or No Deal Wii release date is January 13th. Buy...


Bakushow review

Are you fed up with watching Chris Tarrant and Anne Robinson hosted quiz shows on TV? Would you like to create your own quizzes for your friends and family? Well if so Bakushow for DS could be just what you’re after, so you best read some more of this Bakushow Review and find out. We like a bit of quiz action here at Gamesweasel Towers and Bakushow is a rather interesting title that took us by surprise. This was not only because it is quite unique in being the only fully fledged quiz creator for the DS, but also that...

TV Show King

TV Show King review

TV Show King for Wii is an exclusive downloadable game from Gameloft (the software developers behind many popular cell phone games) for Nintendo’s WiiWare service. Let’s see if they can bring over their portable gaming magic to the Wii in our review of TV Show King Wii. There aren’t many gamers who love every game genre, it’s just like TV and Movies, people enjoy different things. However quiz games are a bit of a Trojan horse, managing to slot into everyone’s realm of taste. Who doesn’t like to pit their knowledge against someone else and come out on top? You...

Buzz Quiz TV screenshot

Buzz! Quiz TV review

Buzz is back which means another pay packet for Jason Donovan as the short-legged, big-headed quizmaster Buzz, more questions to test your knowledge and some new tricks up its sleeve thanks to this being the first version on the PS3. What this means is they can jam more stuff onto the Blu-Ray disc so now there’s 5,000 questions crammed in there and many categories to choose from. You can play a round with up to four players with a mix of questions, or tailor the game to just ask questions from one category, be it music, sport, style, general knowledge...