Buzz! Quiz TV review

Buzz is back which means another pay packet for Jason Donovan as the short-legged, big-headed quizmaster Buzz, more questions to test your knowledge and some new tricks up its sleeve thanks to this being the first version on the PS3.

What this means is they can jam more stuff onto the Blu-Ray disc so now there’s 5,000 questions crammed in there and many categories to choose from. You can play a round with up to four players with a mix of questions, or tailor the game to just ask questions from one category, be it music, sport, style, general knowledge or movies amongst others.

The first thing you’ll notice is the visuals have had a good sprucing up. The studio’s brighter, there’s some cool lighting bouncing about and the characters are all a lot more colourful. Old favourites like the grinning cheerleader, muscle-bound superhero and Liam Gallagher lookalike are there, along with some new ones including a Darth-Vader type and a Madonna caricature. You can now make them do silly dances at any point in the game by pressing the coloured Buzz buttons between questions and rounds.

The game now seems a bit shorter too. I haven’t come across any picture reveal rounds yet but ones you’ve played before like Pie Fight, Pass the Bomb, Fastest Finger and Point Stealer all make a combat. The last round sees your podium climb higher if you have more points and you must answer questions quickly and correctly to stop it falling to the floor and opening into a trap door to boot you out of the game.

The game’s also online so you can post your own content and challenge others with your knowledge. You can also upload new content for yourself. Not quite sure how this works fully as at the time of writing the servers aren’t active.

It’s basically more of the same with a bit of a facelift. Definitely worth a look if you’ve never played it before, complete with wireless controllers.

Buzz!: Quiz TV gets a very good 7 out of 10.

Buzz! Quiz TV review

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  1. F.Torres9 says:

    great game for the family and small group of friends