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Race Driver Grid DS screenshot

Race Driver Grid DS

Hot on the wheels of the PC and Console release screeches Race Driver Grid for DS. This portable version of the rather excellent racing game (we gave it an 8 out of 10 on PS3) is looking really good. Besides all the racing around tracks as you would hope it also has a track editor with 60 pieces which will allow you to create (or recreate) any race track you would care to imagine (Monaco would be my first choice). Firebrand have gone all out to push the DS to bursting point and it really shows, the graphics are top...

Race Driver GRID picture

Race Driver GRID review

Codemasters know a thing or two about driving games. Already they’ve reinvented their Colin McRae series with DiRT and now they’ve done it again with Race Driver GRID. Of course, this is spiritually the latest TOCA game and you can race touring cars, muscle cars, and Japanese Super Cars around some very good looking tracks around the world. You being by having to earn yourself 40,000 dollars by competing in races so you can do up an old banger you’ve got sitting in your shed and enter some proper races with some proper sponsors. As you start to create a...

Race Driver Grid screenshot

Race Driver Grid

Codemasters (the guys who brought you Colin McRae and Toca) have released a fantastic demo of Race Driver: Grid for the PC, 360 and PS3. There are three cars to drive, two tracks to try and even a demo server to race others online. Sadly I couldn’t try the online mode because whenever I was waiting in the lobby to race, the obnoxious crowd were voting to kick everyone that they didn’t like the look of (i.e. anyone new). I do hope that the developers can find away to stop this blatant abuse of the vote/kick system when the full...