Race Driver Grid

Codemasters (the guys who brought you Colin McRae and Toca) have released a fantastic demo of Race Driver: Grid for the PC, 360 and PS3. There are three cars to drive, two tracks to try and even a demo server to race others online. Sadly I couldn’t try the online mode because whenever I was waiting in the lobby to race, the obnoxious crowd were voting to kick everyone that they didn’t like the look of (i.e. anyone new). I do hope that the developers can find away to stop this blatant abuse of the vote/kick system when the full game come out because it’s shaping up really well. The graphics are amazing, the damage modelling brilliant and the AI is very aggressive (unless you have it on easy, then it’s very arcade-like).

If you like the demo you’ll be thrilled to hear that the Race Driver Grid release date is the 30th May, so not long to wait at all.

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Race Driver Grid

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  1. Grid says:

    I’m with you on the abuse of kicks in GRID, last night I got kicked just because on the server there was a bunch of German dudes and I was the only one from a different country..

    My solution on this matter is to completely remove the feature to kick players from the server, if you dont like someone just mute him.

    But if a player is just crashing other cars…. welll I don’t know what to suggest without using vote kicks.