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Cheap Wii games

Fans of Nintendo Wii music games will find this list of cheap Wii games on Amazon a great way to boost your music collection ready for the next party and family get-together. If you buy the following 11 Nintendo Wii music and dance games we’ve discovered you’ll be able to pick up a whopping 400 songs, a free mic and free delivery thrown into the bargain too! Some of these titles even include $5 worth of free downloads at the Amazon MP3 store. Rock Band – $19.99 – 45 songs Rock Band Song Pack – $19.99 – 20 songs Ultimate...

Sonic and Sega All Star Racing

Sonic and Sega All Star Racing review

Is it me or does even the full title of Sega’s latest title sound like they’re trying too hard? ‘Sonic and Sega All Star Racing with Banjo and Kazooie’ is certainly more than a mouthful. Note the Banjo and Kazooie sub heading is exclusive for Xbox 360 owners. Before we head into this review of Sonic & Sega All Star Racing I think we should be upfront with each other. There’s no point in me hiding the fact that I am a Mario Kart lover, it would be wrong of me not to let you know I already have a...

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Samba De Amigo review

Samba De Amigo was originally a Sega arcade game where you’d stand in front of the machine, pick up a pair of maracas and shake them about whilst the happy monkey danced around behind. It then appeared on the Dreamcast complete with expensive peripherals that could detect where you were shaking them. Of course, the Wii should be perfect for this latest version – or so you’d think, more about that later. So what do you get in the game? Well, you get the classic arcade version and a solo game where you play through a variety of stages, unlocking...

Monkeys love Weasels!

Monkeys love Weasels!

It’s true and the proof is here in digital glory. Whilst appearing for a press event to promote the imminent launch of Samba De Amigo for the Wii, Samba the monkey couldn’t stop himself from checking the latest edition of Gamesweasel TV! Ahhhh, bless the little ugly ball of fluff. Related: Samba De Amigo party, Samba De Amigo trailer

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Samba De Amigo party

Last night I attended the Samba De Amigo party in a Mexican venue in Old Street, London. We got to see the game in action and have a few free drinks courtesy of Sega. The game has over 40 Samba-inspired songs and will probably have you accidentally knocking precious vases off shelves as you swing your nunchuck and remote to the beat of the music, strike poses and showboat. Your Mii can also join in the fun and you can play solo, co-op and view online leaderboards to see how well you shake against others round the world. The Samba...

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Samba De Amigo Wii

The official website for Sega’s conversion of hit arcade and Dreamcast rhythm classic Samba De Amigo is now open. Featuring screenshots, videos, wallpapers and some funky background music, it’s got to be worth a couple minutes of your time. We noticed that the red Nintendo Pay to Play logo has been removed from the box artwork, we suppose this could mean that either the speculated downloadable content is now free or has been included on the disc or has been scrapped altogether. The Wii Samba De Amigo release date is the 30th September, if you can’t wait that long why...