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Sony Orbis specs

Rumours abound that the next Sony console will be called the Orbis, will be out in 2013 and will contain measures to stop people playing pre-owned games! It also apparently won’t offer any backwards compatibility with PS3 software and games will be locked to your PSN account. Games should look pretty tasty though with a resolution of 4096×2160 and the ability to play 3D games in 1080p – if you’re into wearing dark glasses indoors. Buy a Sony Playstation 3 now New: Buy a Sony Playstation 3 from Amazon.com Screenshot from Sony developer site with the address orbis.scedev.net, a possible hint at...

Official PS3 Slim release date

Sony confirm PS3 slim specs

Sony have confirmed the specs of the new PS3. It’ll be 36% lighter, 32% smaller, have 120GB of storage space and will go on sale on 1st September priced at $299. Buy a PS3 slim now New: Buy a PS3 slim from Amazon.com Related: Official PS3 Slim release date, PS3 slim rumours

PS3 games downgraded to Xbox 360

PS3 games downgraded to Xbox 360

UK Sony boss Ray Maguire’s kicked up a fuss by saying soon, developers will see the PS3 as the lead platform and downgrade games to fit on the Xbox 360. Could this be the case? Or could it be wishful thinking? Only time will tell.

Screenshot of Playstation 3

Sony Leipzig roundup

Sony’s had a lot to announce at Leipzig this week. The PSP 3000 will have a clearer screen and the same dimensions as the PSP Slim & Lite, there’s a new 160Gb PS3 on the way, a PS3 keyboard in the style of a BlackBerry that slots into your controller and the Little Big Planet release date of 29th October Related: PS3 slim, Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version

Playstation 3

Sony E3 Highlights

After seeing Microsoft’s pretty successful conference and Nintendo’s fairly poor performance, what did Sony do to convince us that Sony would be the one to watch this Christmas? As expected Sony concentrated less on sales figures than Microsoft or Nintendo, after all they are still lagging behind in overall unit sales by a fair margin. Resistance 2 looked amazing; with a Cloverfield style looking action scene where a huge skyscraper sized nasty monster needs dispatching. The game features 8 player co-op online and 60 in standard the standard multiplayer frag fest. Little Big Planet, the cute creator platformer really stands...

The Getaway

The Getaway and Eight Days scrapped

If you were looking forward to playing The Getaway on the PS3 then you can forget it. It looks like the game has got away for good along with another title they were making called Eight Days. They’ve both been scrapped so teams can work on other worthwhile first-party projects. Probably a good thing.