Sony E3 Highlights

After seeing Microsoft’s pretty successful conference and Nintendo’s fairly poor performance, what did Sony do to convince us that Sony would be the one to watch this Christmas? As expected Sony concentrated less on sales figures than Microsoft or Nintendo, after all they are still lagging behind in overall unit sales by a fair margin.

Resistance 2 looked amazing; with a Cloverfield style looking action scene where a huge skyscraper sized nasty monster needs dispatching. The game features 8 player co-op online and 60 in standard the standard multiplayer frag fest.

Little Big Planet, the cute creator platformer really stands out in terms of graphics and physics when Sony showed off a custom built level to help demonstrate their market performance. The real games emphasis is firmly set online, build, show and share exciting levels with your friends and everyone else on the PSN community.

Sony finally announced a proper PS3 budget range, called Greatest Hits, these titles will sell for under $30). With games like; Warhawk, Motorstorm, Assassins Creed, Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden, we’re pretty sure they’ll be a big spike of sales for these top titles.

A new 80GB PS3 is on its way and seemingly set to replace the current 40GB lower spec model which doesn’t feature PS2 backwards compatibility. The bigger hard drive will come in handy for the exciting new movie download service announced.

Sony E3 Highlights

Sony, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, 80GB PS3

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