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Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter PS3 version

The rumour mill’s stirring up talk of a brand new Syphon Filter game being made for the PS3. Gabe Logan’s adventures have always been great and now it seems he could be going all high-definition. There’s no news if it’s confirmed but I’ll let you know, when I know. Buy Syphon Filter now New: Buy Syphon Filter for the PSP from Amazon.com Related: Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow review, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow review

Although Syphon Filter is a strange name for a game and only God knows what it actually means (or Sony in fact, as they made the game), the games have always been to a high standard and I loved playing the first two on the PSOne back in the day when the graphics were blocky, the framerate left something to be desired and a composite connection to the TV was good enough. Logan’s Shadow is the second game to come to the PSP, the first one being Dark Mirror, and once again it’s a solid action adventure that will keep...