Syphon Filter PS3 version

The rumour mill’s stirring up talk of a brand new Syphon Filter game being made for the PS3. Gabe Logan’s adventures have always been great and now it seems he could be going all high-definition. There’s no news if it’s confirmed but I’ll let you know, when I know.

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4 Responses

  1. tank says:

    I can’t wait for a ps3 version of Syphon Filter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. edward matthews says:

    I don’t understand why Sony is taking so long to release this game on ps3, perhaps it’s a promotion ploy for other games keeping everyone interested in all the garbage games coming out for the system. It makes no sense the franchise was great for ps1 and ps2, even after five years people were still playing omega strain on line. Quit screwing around and release the game already. I see one major problem ps3 has had is allowing the release of games that were originally playstation exclusives to the xbox 360. this just makes it easier for people to jump to an inferior system. but hey to each is own. Playstation has gotten lax in their game production and they need to pick up the pace.

  3. ed matthews says:

    I agree, about 80 percent of all ps3 games are trash, or just a re-hash of something old. two many first person shooters too much call of duty crap, release a game with some attitude, some thinking involved, adventurous and mind boggling, not just shoot shoot shoot. that’s not what syphon filter offered, Hell anyone can be good at just shooting stuff, try doing it with all kinds of other stuff going on, how many more fallout’s do we need, how many army of two’s and how many more mag’s same old stuff. dazzle me sony. I want those games back. Tenchu, Ace combat, let’s get it on. Xbox is putting us to shame… enough said

  4. mad-fan says:

    I totally agree with both of you,
    I loved syphon filter 1,2,omega strain. I had the best memories ever with these games. I wanna see it in PS3 , I’ve had enough with those random shooting BS games . Bring it back Sony , BRING IT BACK.