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Mario Sports Mix screenshot

Mario Sports Mix review

When Mario Sports Mix came to me for review I assumed it would be a bit like Wii Sports but with all the characters from the Mario universe. What you actually get are four main games and four smaller party games you can play with friends in the same room or over Wi-Fi that play in a more conventional manner. All these games involve either a ball or a puck as you play basketball, dodgeball, volleyball or ice hockey using the remote turned on its side or the remote and nunchuck together. The major shame is there’s simply not that...

EA Sports Active screenshot

EA Sports Active review

Nintendo’s Wii Fit along with its Balance Board was a very popular piece of software, aiming to be a gym in a box complete with a personal trainer and calendar which would keep track of your targets and hopefully motivate you to stay fit at home. To be honest, my balance board is now gathering dust so now it’s time to see if EA Sports Active can get me jumping up and down in front of my TV again. In the box you get the software, a leg strap which you use to holster your nunchuck during some exercises and...

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort Release Date

It’s finally here. The sequel to the hit sports collection Wii Sports is coming to Wii this Summer. Bundled with a free MotionPlus which is a special controller extension which adds a gyroscope to the Wii Remote to offer full 1 to 1 movement recognition. Prepare to play a whole host of Summer Beach releated sport games on your Wii with Wii Sports 2 very soon. The Wii Sports Resort release date is July 26th 2009. Buy Wii Sports Resort now New: Buy Wii Sports Resort from Amazon.com Related: Wii Sports 2, Nintendo apologise for children games

Wii Sports 2 screenshot

Wii Sports 2

Prepare yourself for another dose of Wii Sports elbow, Wii Sports 2 (Wii Sports Resort) is heading to Wii with loads more games to play in all their motion sensing glory. So far we have seen Jet Ski’s, Sword Fighting and Frisbee throwing. WiiSports 2 will also be bundled with a free MotionPlus Wii Remote upgrade for a much more immersive Wii experience, expect Nintendo to show off 1:1 controls as best they can to spur third party developers into some sort of action. Related: Deca Sports Wii, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games review

Crazy Mini Golf

Crazy Mini Golf Wii

If the golf game included in Wii Sports is still not enough for your golfing needs then prepare for Crazy Mini Golf. You remember mini golf don’t you? It’s where you get handed a putter and sent around a course of obstacles such as Windmills and Angled Mazes. From the people who bought you the horrifically bad Ninjabread man, DDI are promising all the fun of mini golf in your own home, you can either play the game in simple button pushing mode or the more realistic motion sensing mode, hold your Wii Remote like a putter and swing. With...

Deca Sports screenshot

Deca Sports Wii

After multimillion sales of Wii Sports in Japan (it doesn’t come free with the Wii over there you know), Konami have jumped on the cute sports game bandwagon and are publishing Hudson Software’s own take on the genre. DecaSports features 10 cute but realistically designed events for you and up to three friends to play on your Wii console. It’s good to hear that instead of duplicating the games from Wii Sports (such as Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling), Hudson has sensibly decided to put forward some different sports for us to enjoy. These are: Basketball, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Curling,...