Crazy Mini Golf Wii

If the golf game included in Wii Sports is still not enough for your golfing needs then prepare for Crazy Mini Golf. You remember mini golf don’t you? It’s where you get handed a putter and sent around a course of obstacles such as Windmills and Angled Mazes.

From the people who bought you the horrifically bad Ninjabread man, DDI are promising all the fun of mini golf in your own home, you can either play the game in simple button pushing mode or the more realistic motion sensing mode, hold your Wii Remote like a putter and swing. With 74 holes spread over 4 courses it sounds like it will be a fairly good party game, the bad news is that you cannot use your Mii’s, instead you’ll have to create a ‘NuYu’ character using the games built in software. I don’t mind a bit of mini golf so I’m sort of looking forward to this, hopefully it will come out at a budget price very soon.

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2 Responses

  1. MO says:

    Love the game Is there going to be Crazy golf 2 ?

  2. Are you super psyched seeing that Tiger is back? I for one am optimistic he and his family can put this all behind him and return to the job of ripping up the the game all over again. Is he going to win the Masters … I am doubtful .. although you should never ever turn your back on a tiger, haha.