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New Wii U games for 2013

Wii U owners rejoice! Nintendo have announced a flurry of games for the console featuring some Nintendo favourites. Among the titles you can look forward to playing over the coming months will be two new Zelda titles (one of them being an HD remake of The Wind Waker), a new 3D Mario game which I presume could be Super Mario Galaxy U, a brand new Mario Kart title and Yarn Yoshi, a similar concept to Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Buy Wii U now New: Buy Wii U from Amazon.com Related: Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda titles

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How to transfer data from the Wii to Wii U

If you’re looking to transfer all your data and game saves from your Wii over to your Wii U you’re going to need to use the transfer software which you can find hidden away in the ‘channels’ section of the shop. You’ll also need both machines on at once with different TVs or inputs on the same TV and have them both connected to the same router and an SD card with at least 512MB of space on it. Good luck! Buy Wii U now New: Buy Wii U from Amazon.com Related: Top Wii U games for 2012, Wii U...

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Wii U router connection problems

I just received my Wii U from Nintendo and after setting everything up I found I couldn’t connect to my router on Virgin Media. I checked and double checked the password but after it tested the connection it just wouldn’t play ball. So I’ve done some routing around on the internet and I’ve found this advice from GAMEDEV on a forum. It worked for me so give it a go if you’re having problems. Go into connection types, Hit “Manual Configuration” Input your SSID Input the correct security type, this is key. Put your password in properly For ip address...


ZombiU trailers

Ubisoft have released a couple of live action trailers for Wii U launch title ZombiU. They follow the plight of two survivors in London who give a testimony to camera and are then promptly attacked by some virus-infected weirdos. My advice? Make sure all doors and windows are secure before making videos to send to your mates on YouTube. Kids! Buy ZombiU now New: Buy ZombiU from Amazon.com Related: Wii U, zombie video games

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Wii U bricking during firmware updates

The Wii U‘s hit a bit of trouble in the US on its day of launch. Once bought, customers realised it needed a firmware update of over 1GB which on slower networks could take more than an hour to download. People with dodgy connections reported interrupted updates and bricked consoles as a result. So the question is, is anyone in need of an expensive black paper weight? Buy Wii U now New: Buy Wii U from Amazon.com Related: Top Wii U games for 2012, Wii U

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Wii U specs

The wait is finally over, we now know many juicy details of Nintendo’s next home console. To say that the big Japanese developer want to cause another revolution in gaming is an understatement. There’s a bunch to say about the new system so let’s get going. Firstly the name; Wii U, pronounced Wii You, takes some getting used to. It certainly appears that the Wii brand name is just too strong for Nintendo to let go, and with over 90 million Wii’s sold, we can understand why. President of Nintendo of America explained that that Wii U represents the way...