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Kinect firmware update

Kinect causing red ring of death

Got a Kinect? Well it’s being blamed for causing the red ring of death on some people’s Xbox 360s. Of course this is probably coincidence but some unlucky gamers are convinced plugging the device into their machines has caused them to fall over, overheat and not startup. Microsoft has sold over 2.5 million Kinects in its first month on sale. Buy Kinect now New: Buy Kinect from Amazon.com Related: List of Kinect games, Kinect firmware upgrade

Xbox 360 Slimline Elite

Xbox 360 Slimline Elite release date

Whilst it was no secret a redesigned Xbox 360 would be shown off at this year’s E3, for once though no photos leaked out of the factories beforehand. An official Microsoft advert appeared on Facebook a few hours too early but for all intents and purposes, Microsoft did a good job keeping it under wraps. So what is different about the Microsoft Xbox Elite Slimline console? Looks: Goodbye matte finish, hello very shiny (and reflective) coating Roughly two thirds the size of the original Xbox 360 Controller gets a new colour too Specs: Not fully disclosed yet but a smaller...

Xbox 360 console screenshot

Xbox 360 slim

Even though the Xbox 360 has gone through many redesigns to avoid the ‘Xbox 360 red ring of death’, Microsoft aren’t denying a 54.2% lifetime failure rate. They claim they’re still working on improvements to make the hardware less prone to failure and needing the Xbox towel trick. There are rumours flying about that, just like the PS3, we may see a newer, slimmer model appearing soon. Buy an Xbox 360 now New: Buy an Xbox 360 from Amazon.com Related: Xbox 360 red ring of death, Xbox towel trick

Xbox 360 red ring eliminated

Xbox 360 red ring eliminated

Ever suffered from Microsoft’s fatal red ring of death? Well, the good news is, Microsoft say it’s soon to become a thing of the past. All their new hardware should be red-ring proof and they’ve got quicker repair procedures if yours should overheat. Hooray! Buy an Xbox 360 console now New: Buy an Xbox 360 console from Amazon.com Related: Xbox Towel Trick, Xbox employee sacked over hardware failures

Screenshot of Xbox 360

Xbox 360 successor

If you’re worried about getting yourself an Xbox 360 only to have it replaced by a better Microsoft console, don’t. Microsoft have stated it’s not going to happen any time soon. The Xbox360 came out only four years after the original Xbox, but the 360 may even last ten years (that’s it if you don’t get the red rings of death before then). Buy an Xbox 360 now New: Buy an Xbox 360 from Amazon.com Related: Xbox 360 price drop, Easy Xbox 360 achievements

PS3 games downgraded to Xbox 360

PS3 games downgraded to Xbox 360

UK Sony boss Ray Maguire’s kicked up a fuss by saying soon, developers will see the PS3 as the lead platform and downgrade games to fit on the Xbox 360. Could this be the case? Or could it be wishful thinking? Only time will tell.