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Dying Light – The Following Special Edition

Dying Light – The Following Special Edition video

Check out this cool video showing off zombies through the ages to promote Dying Light The Following Special Edition out on PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 9th February. The video shows off zombies with some really cool prosthetics and make up, including typical ones from George A Romero Day of the Dead, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, World War Z and finally the Dying Light Volatile zombie. That last one is pretty gruesome! Get the game now New: Buy Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition from Amazon.com

State of Decay

State of Decay Year-One Survival Edition review

Zombies again. Will we ever get bored of them? If you’re not yet sated for shuffling nasties that want to eat you, State of Decay on the Xbox One may be worth ago. If you missed it the first time around on the Xbox 360, this version includes both the DLC packs and apparently updated graphics, although it does look very dated indeed. You start the game being attacked by zombies as you beat them down and find your way to relative safety and are then introduced to the mechanic of finding a vantage point to scout around your location...

Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy review

Zombies, don’t you just love ‘em? Well, they seem to love you as they’re always shambling towards you with arms outstretched. Maybe they just want a hug? Oh no, wait, they’re trying to eat my brains, aaaggggggh! But seriously, if that’s possible when talking about hordes of the undead – aren’t we bored of zombie games yet? Well, Zombie Army Trilogy puts a new spin on things and it’s actually quite fun as you attempt to save Germany from the rotting Third Reich when Hitler suddenly does something very different to all the Downfall meme videos on YouTube and unleashes...

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct review

I’ve just managed to finally get to the end of The Walking Dead Season 3 even though I don’t actually know why I watch it any more. Apart from the great effects and gore, it’s all rather talky and boring with characters I really couldn’t give two hoots about! ‘Survival Instinct’ tells the story of probably the two most interesting characters; Southern drawl brothers Daryl and Merle, and their plight before the TV series first began and features both the likenesses and voices of their respective actors Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker. The game begins with no real explanation as...

ZombiU screenshot

ZombiU review

The Wii U has actually had a good crop of launch titles available at launch and has a fair few titles on its way over the coming months. A lot of them are ports of games we’ve seen on other HD consoles but Ubisoft have been brave with a brand new IP that truly integrates the Gamepad Controller into the experience – so much in fact that half of the action you won’t see in this review as it happens on the smaller screen in your hand. ZombiU attempts to answer the question we’ve all asked each other in the...


ZombiU trailers

Ubisoft have released a couple of live action trailers for Wii U launch title ZombiU. They follow the plight of two survivors in London who give a testimony to camera and are then promptly attacked by some virus-infected weirdos. My advice? Make sure all doors and windows are secure before making videos to send to your mates on YouTube. Kids! Buy ZombiU now New: Buy ZombiU from Amazon.com Related: Wii U, zombie video games