Alien Crush Returns

We have some good news for pinball fans, Hudson Software are bringing back their classic pinball game; Alien Crush to WiiWare. Alien Crush Returns is a brand new sequel to the original Turbografx-16 (available on Virtual Console) game from way back in time (1988). With online leader boards and head to head gaming this is shaping up to be yet another hit title for the WiiWare digital distribution service, along with the recently announced My Aquarium (also from Hudson).

Features of Alien Crush Returns include:

  • On table enemies to destroy
  • Multiple tables
  • Power ups and hidden surprises
  • Bonus Stages
  • Online head to head play (2 players)
  • Online score leaderboards

We don’t mind a bit of pinball and if Alien Crush Returns WiiWare is up to Hudson’s usual standard then this could be well worth your WiiPoints. Check out the Alien Crush Returns screenshots.

Alien Crush Returns

Alien Crush Returns, Wii

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