Nintendo announce Wii Channel release dates

The kind souls at Nintendo’s Euro headquarters have finally given in to demand and told us the release dates of their upcoming Wii digital distribution software.

On 20th May we will be able to download WiiWare titles from the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel. Although similar in design to the Virtual Console store, rather than being full of vintage retro classics, WiiWare is primarily intended for brand new games from developers both big and small. With some great titles to look forward to including the new Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles RPG and a nice looking remake of Nintendo’s classic puzzler Dr Mario, I think I’ll have to start saving now for some Wii Points.

The 30th May sees the release of the Nintendo Channel – it might not sound too exciting by name but once you find out that it will be a haven full of Nintendo trailers, video interviews and not to mention downloadable Nintendo DS demos. That’s right, exclusive demos of all the best upcoming DS games; simply download to your Wii’s memory then transfer over to your DS wirelessly. Nintentastic!

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