WiiWare Demos Now Available

What a turnaround for the books this is. Nintendo, possibly the world’s most reserved video game company are giving in to popular demand and are trialling demos for WiiWare. Whilst Nintendo have offered select Nintendo DS demos via the Nintendo Channel for a long time now, Wii owners have never had the opportunity to trial Wii software.

Currently only three games are available to demo on your Wii; these are NyxQuest, Brit Trip Beat and Final Fantasy My Life as a DarkLord. All three of these can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel directly to your Wii or SD card and are ready to play right away, don’t forget that you if you do decide to purchase the full game on WiiWare then you’ll need to purchase some Wii Points or Nintendo Points in advance.

Although you can purchase these directly on the Wii, Amazon.com quite often discount Wii Points (see how to buy WiiWare games on Amazon) and their free delivery service means you can save money on your gaming very easily. Hopefully more WiiWare Demo’s will hit the Wii Shop Channel in the coming months.

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