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WiiWare Demos Now Available

WiiWare Demos Now Available

What a turnaround for the books this is. Nintendo, possibly the world’s most reserved video game company are giving in to popular demand and are trialling demos for WiiWare. Whilst Nintendo have offered select Nintendo DS demos via the Nintendo Channel for a long time now, Wii owners have never had the opportunity to trial Wii software. Currently only three games are available to demo on your Wii; these are NyxQuest, Brit Trip Beat and Final Fantasy My Life as a DarkLord. All three of these can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel directly to your Wii or SD...

Shootanto Evolutionary Mayhem

Shootanto Evolutionary Mayhem Release Date

From the outset Shootanto from Hudson may remind of you of Spore from EA. Spore was one of 2008’s most popular games with its rather unique creature creator. Shootanto Evolutionary Mayhem is a rather unusual first person shooter which throws you back many millions of years to the very beginnings of homosapien life. By taking control of an early primate can you battle your way to the top of the evolutionary ladder or will you be beaten to the punch by the reptilian lizard men and other nasties? The Shootanto Release date is November 20th and is exclusive to Nintendo...

Job Island

Job Island for the Wii Microsite

Hudson has just announced the Job Island Wii microsite where you can spend a few minutes learning about the game, watch some trailers and meet the cast. Titled Help Wanted in the US, Job Island features 50 great mini games all revolved around doing cool jobs such as: Astronaut, Fireman, Clown, Farmer, Stunt Driver (and many more) in a bid to save the world from a terrible disaster. It’s not Metal Gear Solid 4 for Wii but Job Island still sounds like it will feature some fun multiplayer action. The Job Island for Wii release date is March 12th 2008...

Adventure Island

Adventure Island for WiiWare in Europe

We don’t have long to wait before the return of classic platformer Adventure Island to hit WiiWare, this fast paced game looks like a Mario game but sometimes feels more like Sonic. With clever mixes of 2D and 3D gaming Adventure Island is looking like the best WiiWare game since World of Goo (fingers crossed). The Adventure Island release date is April 2009 which is more than enough time to save up some Wii Points. Related: Sonic

Screenshot of Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Demos

It’s been a while since we last let you know which of the latest DS Games you could preview by visiting the Nintendo Channel from your Wii. With spending tight after Christmas having the opportunity to try out a few games before you buy is very handy indeed; let’s have a look at what new DS Demo’s are here to take a look at and if you decide you like any of them then we’ve already found some great prices for these titles at Amazon for you. Dragon Ball: Origins – A 3D adventure from Namco Bandai which carries on...

Lets Catch

Lets Catch for the Wii

Sega’s first WiiWare game is on the way this month. Leading the way when it comes to big publishers playing ball, Let’s Catch is a simple game of catch where you swing the Wii remote to throw a ball. It will cost about $10 US though, maybe a little too much for a game this simple. Remember you’ll need a topped up Wii Points Card to buy Lets Catch from the WiiWare shop. Buy a Wii Points Card now New: Buy 2000 Wii Points from Amazon.com Related: WiiWare games, free Nintendo Wii points