Nintendo DS Demos

It’s been a while since we last let you know which of the latest DS Games you could preview by visiting the Nintendo Channel from your Wii. With spending tight after Christmas having the opportunity to try out a few games before you buy is very handy indeed; let’s have a look at what new DS Demo’s are here to take a look at and if you decide you like any of them then we’ve already found some great prices for these titles at Amazon for you.

  • Dragon Ball: Origins – A 3D adventure from Namco Bandai which carries on the usual portable Dragon Ball games but this time presented in a Phantom Hourglass like format. The demo throws you into a training level where you get to hit seemingly innocent pink and blue pigs with a big red stick. So now we know how Tesco train their pig farmers.
  • Prince of Persia The Fallen King – A rather clever touchscreen controlled 2D puzzle platformer that takes Prince of Persia back to its Amiga roots whilst keeping the cel-shaded look and feel of the console games.
  • Soul Bubbles – We reviewed gorgeous puzzle game Soul Bubbles not so long ago awarding it 8 out of 10. You take the role of a trainee Spirit Herder who must help move spirits from the real world into heaven by safely guiding them through mazes whilst they’re enclosed in protective bubbles.
  • My Sims Kingdom DS – This short demo allows you to play one of the many mini games from the full game which will help you prosper and build up an exciting Kingdom.
  • Combat of Giants Dinosaurs – Who needs Jurassic Park when you can take control of some top Dino’s and put them up together in this half adventure half beat em up game for kids, look out for some impressive 3D graphics and sound effects too.

Nintendo DS Demos pics

Nintendo DS Demos

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