Battle Rage The Robot Wars

This was a surprise announcement; Battle Rage: The Robot Wars dubbed the world’s first truly 3D Console Game (which it isn’t) is being released for Wii. Originally a PC game, this mech fighter is being redesigned with Wii Motion controls and now features stereoscopic visuals meaning if you wear those red and blue glasses it will look like one of those naff 1980’s 3D B-movies you may have seen once upon a time. The game features:

  • Single player and Multiplayer modes
  • Robot Customization
  • Compelling mechanics
  • Special Attacks
  • 20 weapons and 10 arenas

Whilst the screenshots and trailer don’t look too hot (sparse locations and low quality textures), it could still be worth a play even if it is just for the 3D novelty factor. The Battle Rage Robot Wars release date is February 20th.

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The Robot Wars pics

The Robot Wars

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