BBC iPlayer for the Wii

The BBC has just announced that a beta version of its Wii compatible iPlayer has been released today. Just visit the BBC iPlayer website using the Internet Channel and the page will automatically load up in the correct format and resolution to view iPlayer programs on your Wii (flash). I’ve just tested the service and can confirm it works very well and unlike YouTube on Wii, did not have any buffering issues. I’m very impressed so far.

For those of you who have not downloaded the Opera Internet Channel for Wii you can do so from the Wii Shop Channel for 500 points (£3.50).

Animal Crossing Wii City Folk image

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2 Responses

  1. j40 says:

    I cannot get the resolution to change and see no way to scroll around the page. Is my small 32 inch trinitron not up to scratch?is there a way to set the resolution for a non-HD telly?

  2. You can’t really change the res I’m afraid, it’s low quality on purpose.