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What is the cheapest way to get Microsoft points?

Researching the best way to get hold of Microsoft Points codes we’ve found the cheapest way is to buy via yearly subscription. Comparing the 3 different subscriptions available retail giant currently has the best offer for how to get free Microsoft points codes with their ‘buy 12 months get 1 month free‘ deal. Take a look at the 3 cheapest deals we’ve discovered by looking through price comparison sites:-

  • Amazon $3.84 per month if you buy a 12 month plus 1 month bonus Live subscription card for $49.99 BEST DEAL
  • Walmart $5.32 per month if you buy a 3 month Live subscription card for $15.96
  • Best Buy $7.99 per month if you buy a 1 month Live subscription card for $7.99

The best deal is the Xbox 360 Live Subscription Gold Card which lets you access all Live content, download the latest exclusive demos, enjoy multiplayer enabled games, communicate using voice and video chat and now stream TV shows, movies and HD content too. Prepaying a subscription is also worth buying if you are concerned about Microsoft repeat billing your credit card details or just want to buy something for an Xbox owner but can’t quite stretch to the price of an entire game.

This deal works out cheaper than buying from Best Buy, Walmart and even direct from Microsoft – we’ll keep an eye out for any additional offers which come along and keep you informed. If you’ve just brought an Xbox 360 then we can’t recommend enough spending that additional $50 to keep you gaming online for the next 13 months, you’ll also have access to masses of content .

There are two ways to pick up the card from Amazon which both cost exactly the same but depend on how quickly you need the card. You can order a subscription scratch card in the mail with free super saver delivery which usually takes around 3 days to arrive, or take advantage of Amazons’ new online game code service which you’ll get sent those free MS points immediately via email. Amazons’ online game code service is obviously quicker but the packaged points card makes for a better gift, either way you’ll be enjoying exclusive and unlimited online fun on your Xbox 360 for less than $4 per month.

Get Microsoft points codes now:
Buy: Order an Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Subscription Gold Card now from for $49.99 and get 1 month free

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