GoldenEye on Xbox live arcade

Rumours are flying around more than Jodie Marsh’s knickers about a GoldenEye remake on Xbox live arcade. There are even apparent videos of a slightly tidied-up version of the N64 classic. Whether this is true remains to be seen but I hope it is.

Then I hope we’re not just viewing the game through rose-tinted specs and we ruin how good it was at the time for ourselves.

Goldeneye 007 picture

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  1. Mike says:

    I hope they do it. this was the game that started it all for me and my friends. we would hook up multiple TVs and cover up 3 of the 4 area so you could only see your own screen. My best friend always talked about being able to play goldeneye online with everyone having their own full screen.

    Keep the graphics the same, the maps the same and the weapons the same. It would sell like crazy and be a blast. Don’t try to tweak it don’t try to up grade it. Just add a few new maps down the road for it.

    I can’t wait to see it