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Space Ark

Space Ark preview for XBLA 360

For a console that supposedly is only for core players who only want to play action shooters like Gears of War 3, there sure are a bucket load of colourful puzzles games available on Xbox Live Arcade. Strange as it sounds I think that it’s important to have a wide choice of games available on any system, for me a console that only has first person shooters would feel pretty dull when I’m in the mood for a platformer. Space Ark for Xbox 360 is a very colourful and somewhat cutesy action puzzle title set in space. It appears that...

Xbox Live screenshot

Xbox Live downtime

If you love your Xbox Live be warned, it’s got scheduled downtime for maintenance next week. On 16th June 2009, it’ll be down for up to 24 hours for scheduled maintenance. The reason is probably to prepare the service for all those lovely E3 announcements last week. Get Live and buy Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter now New: Buy an Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter from Amazon.com Related: Microsoft give free Xbox Live games away to say sorry for downtime, Free Microsoft points codes

Official Kinect Xbox 360 release dates announced

Xbox 360 experience release date

If you haven’t switched on your Xbox in the last few days you’re in for a surprise. Initially spotted during Microsofts E3 highlights the new Xbox 360 Experience will begin to download giving you a better 360 experience. You can play with new avatars, play from your hard drive and communicate with other gamers in party mode. Related: Microsofts E3 highlights, Halo 4

Xbox Live

Xbox Live Avatars

Xbox Live Avatars may be on the way. We know this thanks to a pre-E3 leak. Mii for the Xbox 360? It seems Microsoft may be making these in response to Nintendo’s Miis. From the pictures they seem to be more lifelike and can replace your gamer picture -they’ve still got massive heeeeeds though!

Goldeneye 007 picture

GoldenEye on Xbox live arcade

Rumours are flying around more than Jodie Marsh’s knickers about a GoldenEye remake on Xbox live arcade. There are even apparent videos of a slightly tidied-up version of the N64 classic. Whether this is true remains to be seen but I hope it is. Then I hope we’re not just viewing the game through rose-tinted specs and we ruin how good it was at the time for ourselves.

Screenshot of Xbox 360 Live points cards

Xbox Live downtime

Here is some info on Xbox Live this Christmas and why some of you may have been experiencing some very annoying difficulties trying to connect to a service you’re paying for which should, given the fact that Microsoft practically owns the world, be running smoothly all the time. Personally, I couldn’t satisfy my Pro Evo 2008 addiction during a patch when I couldn’t stop winning. I tried to find a gme and no opponent could be found. Now don’t tell me no-one was there to connect to, and I have an open NAT setting which means I should in theory...