Xbox Live downtime

Here is some info on Xbox Live this Christmas and why some of you may have been experiencing some very annoying difficulties trying to connect to a service you’re paying for which should, given the fact that Microsoft practically owns the world, be running smoothly all the time.

Personally, I couldn’t satisfy my Pro Evo 2008 addiction during a patch when I couldn’t stop winning. I tried to find a gme and no opponent could be found. Now don’t tell me no-one was there to connect to, and I have an open NAT setting which means I should in theory be ablt to connect to anyone.

And I know I’m not the only one who’s not been able to use the service as they should. Marc Whitten, general Manager of Xbox Live wrote an open letter explaining things a little. During the holidays they had their largest sign-up in the five year history of the service and on the 2nd of January they had the most members online at any one time. Surely they could have predicted this would happen as people got the beige or now black box for Christmas?

As compensation, every member will receive a free Xbox Live game. Now details aren’t confirmed if you can choose what you want or if it will be some cheap and nasty game no-one wants anyway but it does mean at least they are aware there is a problem and they are doing something about it. As I write this Xbox Live is listed as ‘up and running’ on the website which hopefully means all is back to normal, but when I try to connect to another player, none can be found! It’s like I Am Legend or 28 Days Later all over again!

But, Microsoft better watch out. Although Sony’s PS Network may be free and at the moment is frankly not worth paying for, one day, it may prove to be a competitor and Microsoft better get things right before they go wrong. Rant over.

Screenshot of Xbox 360 Live points cards



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