WiiWare and Xbox Live downloadable games

So I’ve managed to get some points to spend on some downloadable games for the 360 and the Wii so I thought I’d share with you what I chose to download and whether it’s worth it.

The first game I tried was Speedball 2 on Xbox Live arcade. If you’ve never heard of this where have you been? It was a classic ball game on the MegaDrive and Amiga made by the Bitmap Brothers in the late 80s and played a bit like the movie rollerball. You play the game in a top down vertical perspective a bit like Sensible Soccer and have to throw the ball in the opponent’s goal. OF course your team all wear armour which you can upgrade because you also punch each other in the face and use powerups to help you win the game. Unfortunately they’ve ruined the game here. The characters are too big on the screen and move about in a clunky manor and it completely lacks the feel of the original which wasn’t broken in the first place. If you fancy some retro action, this isn’t the place to go.

However, if you want to spend some Wii points you could do worse than downloading Ocarina of Time. Widely regarded as one of the best games ever played, (and 2nd only to Mario Galaxy as mentioned earlier) this Zelda came was an instant hit on the N64 and can now be downloaded to reminisce about or play for the first time if you missed it first time around. If you like your Wind Waker and Twilight Princess games you’ll love this if you can get past the fact that the graphics look a bit dated in comparison.

Finally, being a massive Revenge of Shinobi fan I thought I’d download Sega’s Shinobi 3 which came out on the Megadrive. It’s a side-scrolling action platform game whereonce again you have to fight the evil Ne-Zeed clan. Once again you can use your sword, throw shurikens and do some fancy magic to make yourself jump higher, destroy everything on screen or give yourself a shield, but somehow this one lacks what Revenge of Shinobi had. Come on Sega, put that on the channel for us all to play again. You know you want to.

Ocarina of Time 3DS screenshot

Ocarina of Time 3DS screenshot

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