Little Big Planet PSP version

Sony’s announced some new titles for the PSP. Following the success of the Buzz migration to the handheld, Little Big Planet and Motorstorm are also finding their way to the powerful little machine later in the year. EA are getting in on the act by bringing Rockband to the PSP as well. Let’s hope it’s better than Activision’s Guitar Hero World Tour effort on the DS.

PSP 3000 pics

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16 Responses

  1. riot says:

    umm, how would a rockband work on a hand held?

  2. pokolvrolok says:

    Oh yeaaahh! I’m really looking forward to these, but also Assassins Creed.

  3. Psp dude says:

    Rockband does work you have to play everything and if you get a ten note streak the notes stop for a bit on that instrument so you can play the other bits

  4. Unknown says:

    HA rock band for psp is awsome i have a CFW and i got the full game i got it on may 18 or some where around that time

  5. Sutebe says:

    I doubt they will bring rockband to the PSP but I know for a fact that they are bringing little big planet to the PSP. So finally my PSP has a use other than playing my music.

  6. PSP rocks! says:

    im excited
    especially for rockband, the demo for it is awesome

  7. jack says:

    LBP is the best game in the world Dont give it to x box and LBP on psp is grater than grate

  8. joss says:

    jack is right and i cant wait until psp LBP is out it looks oltament and will we still be abel to macke are own sack boy and you rock joss out

  9. peter says:

    LBP is gonna be cooooL!! so will assasins creed maybe not rokband…

  10. A Sackboy says:

    I’m on the PSP? YIPPIE!!!

  11. branco says:

    wow man i totally want this game for my psp

  12. Joey says:

    They wont bring LPB to the xbox because they CANT, xbox is junk.

    Also the way they allow such games to be made on the psp shows that the psp is more capable then the nintendo WII

    Honestly i think psp is TOO ahead of its time, when it was released, in fact it was probably one of the most advanced portable things of its time, now people realise it.

  13. jonathan says:

    i love that game lbp is the best game ever

  14. jonathan says:

    i love this game and im ten

  15. marco says:

    LBP is the best game i ever played can’t wait!!

  16. I LOVE LBW SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I’m really ecxited to be able to hold it and play it in my hands!!!!