Mario Super Sluggers Wii

Blimey, they haven’t even got Mario Kart out of door yet and Nintendo are already spilling the mushrooms on Mario’s next smash hit game. Mario Super Sluggers Wii sees Nintendo’s favourite little plumber picking up his baseball bat once more.

Developed by Namco, (yes the ones who made Pacman) Mario Super Sluggers Wii sounds like it will be more extensive than the baseball mode included in Wii Sports, which whilst fun, only covered the basics.

The Mario Super Sluggers release date currently a vague ‘later this year’, I think we’ll get a more definitive date when it’s shown at E3 in July.

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  1. shaun says:

    boshi (yoshi’s rival) from super mario rpg should make an apperance as a playable character in SUPER MARIO SLUGGERS.