Microsoft E3 Highlights

Microsoft’s press conference at E3 saw mainly confirmation of previously leaked information, nethertheless they put on a good show and did manage to throw in a few surprises. Here are our favourite standout details from the show so far.

  • We now know that Resident Evil 5 has an online co-op mode and that many of the puzzles will require teamwork from both parties.
  • Valve software’s Portal returns in the form of “Portal: Still Alive”, an exclusive expansion of levels, scenarios and achievements for Xbox Live.
  • The leaked Karaoke style game Lips allows you to use songs stored on your console or iPod and lets you sing over the song as if it were a backing track. The game also has its own set of wireless motion sensing microphones which have pretty glowing lights on.
  • The former Sony exclusive Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360.
  • A new dashboard update will totally transform the way you use your Xbox 360. There will be more high definition movie content from major film studios to download, the ability to interact with your friends in new activities and games and best of all, the previously leaked Mii like avatars with clothes, hats and much more.
  • You’re In The Movies comes bundles with an Xbox vision camera and literally lets you star in the movies. You watch yourself interacting with various happenings on screen (such as swatting wasps, dancing and running from monsters) in similar way to Sony’s Eye Toy, only this time it’s recorded to your system and you can play it back to watch in all its embarrassing glory.

Microsoft E3 Highlights

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