Modern Warfare 2

Good news for all you Call of Duty fans, the new game entitled Modern Warfare 2 will launch worldwide on November 10th 2009. They’ll be dropping the CoD brand altogether though, just sticking with Modern Warfare 2 on the box. All sounds a bit fishy to me.

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2 Responses

  1. id like to say that this is an amazing game, i hope the perks, multiplayer and the stupid restrictions some weapons have will be changed up a bit(such as the range of the shotgun) :(

  2. svtally says:

    I would like to say i am a 33 yr old husband and father of two. This game is the best game ever made in the history of video games. i am a true dedicated gamer on weekends. I run with a golden shotgun. I asked that the owners add a silencer for the shotgun like the movie “no country for old men.” If we are going modern warfare 2 baby let’s go!!!!!!!!!