My Aquarium

Hudson Software presents the ultimate “interactive screensaver for Wii” – My Aquarium Wii is an all-new original piece of software to download on WiiWare. My Aquarium for Wii isn’t really a game; it’s more of a relaxation program. You can create up to six different aquariums and have a huge range of customizations to choose from. First you choose the actual aquarium, the glass colour, lighting and background design. Then you can choose the style of gravel, rockery, the plant life and of course the types fish to live inside your aquarium.

There are 40 different types of fish to choose from, both fresh and seawater. The fish encyclopaedia gives you all the information you’ll need to take care of the fish as well as provide lots of interesting information. The game also takes data from the forecast channel to match the weather to that of your region and you can share you creations with friends on WiiConnect24 which is pretty cool. Also you don’t worry about all the technical aspects of keeping fish like monitoring temperatures or mineral levels, My Aquarium Wii controls all of that for you so all you need do is feed and enjoy watching your fish.

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