SimCity Creator

Budding dictators get ready for the exciting looking new SimCity for the Wii. SimCity Creator lets you build, play and destroy cities to your heart’s content. You’ll be able to create huge cities in a range of interesting styles, from congested European, stylish Asian to American Metropolis’ and even Futuristic (full of flying cars and aliens? Maybe…), no doubt they’re keeping more styles under wraps too.

If after all that hard work you then fancy destroying your city and testing out your emergency services, why not start natural disasters? Will you stick with a trusty old destructive earthquake, a meteor storm or perhaps a Cloverfield type giant monster, the choice is entirely yours. What’s exciting me most (apart from giant monsters) is the ability to jump into a helicopter and fly around your chosen city getting up close to your creation, viewing it in all its detail. I’ve never been a real Sim City fan before but the helicopter mode (as well the giant monster) and simple Wii Remote building interface is seriously getting me interested. If this is interesting you then you’ll have to wait for the SimCity Creator release date; 19th September.

SimCity Creator announced

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3 Responses

  1. bell says:

    i love this game

  2. bell says:

    were do i go to start playing ?_?

  3. Zarro says:

    cool picsxx