Playstation Move Controller Attachments

Now deep down inside we all know that the PlayStation Movie controller is a glorified Wii Remote Plus. Just because it has a glowing ping pong ball on the top doesn’t really make that much difference. What most people don’t realise is that the Wii Sensor Bar does pretty much exactly the same job as the glowing ball, just in reverse.

When the Wii launched with Wii Sports it didn’t take long for accessory makers to start producing all sorts of attachments for the Wii Remote. First we had the most obvious things such as Tennis Rackets, Guns and Baseball Bats, but as time went on we saw such crazy things as Rocking Horses and American Footballs.

Sony fans can now rejoice in the knowledge that enormous amounts of plastic attachments are coming their way for their PS3 Move Controllers. Here’s a list of some of the best ones currently available on

First up the official gear:

First up comes the official Sony branded machine gun add-on, the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter. You can expect a very tight fit with your Move as well as the best build quality. It will set you back around $40. First person shooter Playstation Move hardcore games such as Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and MAG have been designed with the Sharp Shooter in mind, allowing easy access to the Navigation Controller.

Sharp Shooter

Secondly is another official Sony gun shaped add-on but this one is a pistol. The PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment features a smaller and lighter design that is much more ergonomic than most others on the market and is around $20. This is more suited for on-rails shooters such as Time Crisis: Razing Storm, The Shoot and Dead Space Extraction where the navigation controller isn’t required for strafing movements.

Move Shooting Attachment

Thirdly is an all important PlayStation Move Charging Station for your Move and Sub Controller. This official charger is guaranteed to charge your Move easily and safely, also at around $25 isn’t too expensive either. There are cheaper 3rd party docks available however we’ve noticed problems with the charging connectors not making firm contact with controllers requiring some additional wobbling around at charging time.

PlayStation Move Charging Station

Here are some cheaper third party addons:

This 6 in 1 sport collection is an unofficial set of Wii Sport esque controllers for your Move. Includes Tennis Rackets, Ping Pong Rackets and Golf Clubs. Lower build quality but only $25 for the whole lot, if you own Sports Champions for the Move then this could be a great addition (sadly no mace or sword included for the Gladiator Duel).

Move Precision Shot 3 is a sleek black looking pistol attachment simelar to the gun that Robocop uses. If you want a gun which houses the Navigation Controller for first person shooters but either can’t afford or have room for the official Sharp Shooter then this offers a great solution. However if you want just a pistol then the build quality on the Sony Move Shooting Attachment makes a much better buy. We’ve tested a simelar gun design which had squeeking plastic triggers making it a very offputting experience.

MAG fans wanting to expand their sniper skills need look no further than the PS3 Move Battle Rifle. Personally I’d be a bit embarrased to stand infront of my TV with this but if you’re feeling extrovert then this is for you.

Any golfers about? If you don’t want all the other plastic gear but can’t resist a golf club then for just $6 comes the PlayStation Move Golf Club add-on.

Lastly we have the PlayStation Move 14 in 1 Pack that will cover eventuality. Featuring all of the sports previously mentioned but adds a crossbow, some swords and even a Frisbee attachment. Over the top, certainly, but a bargain at $30.

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