Playstation 3 motion controller

Rumours have appeared on the net on sites Joystiq and Playstation Lifestyle that a possible PS3 motion sensing controller (obviously dubbed the PS3mote – basically a Wiimote for the PS3) is currently in development. It’s said to be ‘incredibly responsive and accurate‘ but does need a suspicious sounding ‘tripod’ that stands in the middle of your room, presumably sensing your movements.

If this rumour, along with the rumblings of a speculated Microsoft motion controller are true then this doesn’t look good for Nintendo. After all, if you can get all your motion games on a more powerful console with high definition support, what benefit of owning a Wii will be left? Personally I have to believe that Nintendo own certain patents on the Wii Remote which may prevent Sony and Microsoft from emulating it as much as they would like, after all Nintendo aren’t new to the business and would realise someone would attempt to copy them at some point in time wouldn’t they?

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  1. TuffGunn says:

    well, didn’t sony patent the motion sensing technology since the ps2 era??? there you go, no need to worry about a possible law suit.