Rock Band video game price

The Rock Band video game has got a price and you may not like it – it’s £129.99 for the instruments and then another £49.99 for the game on top of that. You will pay more for the Rock Band UK release than for a console! These are however RRPs so expect to get your hands on it for around £140 in total.

Rock Band video game price

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1 Response

  1. the-interceptor says:

    Well have £20 off the instruments and £10 off the game, so you can get the whole lot for £139.98

    But thats still $280, nearly double what the US pays.

    OK so we have 17.5% VAT, but it is only 17.5%, not 100% !!!

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the price comes down when sales targets are not met and the boxes are sitting in stores gathering dust…