Sonic and the Black Knight

Another new exclusive Sonic game for Wii is in the works, Sonic and the Black Knight is the second game in the storybook series that started with Sonic and the Secret Rings. Now that wasn’t very good, and let’s face it, neither has any sonic game in the last few years, but this one could be different. I’ve never imagined Sonic becoming a sword wielding Knight of the realm but hey, if Sega think they can pull it off I’m might interested in seeing the results. So far there is only a very vague Sonic and the Black night release date of spring 2009.

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7 Responses

  1. cerberus says:

    i think it sounds good ive always been a hardcore sonic fan and i do admit the games havent been what they could be but there still pretty good im interested to see how this will turn out considering that before shadow weilded a gun! it will be a very adventrous game i hope and not be so short like some of them have been but i do know that i will try to get this and i thank you for the info on the game!!

  2. brandon says:

    I’m a sonic fan too but I don’t think this will be good , but I don’t know so well just see .

  3. brandon says:

    The graphics looks like the graphics in sonic and the secret ring and the graohics in that sucked

  4. brandon says:

    If they make the graphics better i might change my mind

  5. brandon says:

    besides before this game is out people will be buying sonic unleashed plus its for ps2, ps3, xbox 360 , and the wii . and this game is only out for the wii

  6. FoxWing says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, but I’ve always had faith in Sonic. However, I do think it would make a bit more sense for a character like Sonic to carry a smaller, lightweight sword, like a rapier or falcata, especially considering his size. A sword that big on a character that small would make any game resemble a JRPG that has bulky oversized swords carried by androgynous anorexic boys, like say, all of ’em. All I want changed out of this game is to include Merlin before he had a sex change and became Merlina, and for Sonic to carry a sword that’s reasonably sized.

  7. Bazooka-Ed says:

    Am I the only one that think’s that this game is gonna awesome! for crying out loud! people alway’s seem to diss on Sonic! why!? if Mario had a sword everyone would of said “Man this is awesome go mario ha hah ha ha”
    but when its Sonic “What the HECK!! no Sonic NO Sonic no no!!…. oh
    well Sonic just has alot of haters and people that doubt him as all T_T.
    I guess people have their reason’s but… Sonic get’s bashed way too much
    and everyone know’s it… not Mario… but Sonic… its sad. I never doubted
    Sonic even when Shadow The Hedgehog came out I still didn’t say “Sonic’s
    dead the series is over!” that would be dumb! I didn’t like the game at all
    though because they made them swear… and Sonic 06 had the SonicxElise
    or whatever her name is which was kinda gross to me. But other than that
    Sonic was, is, still and alway’s will be cool and my favortire! ^_^.