Wii Firmware 4.0 Available

Last week Nintendo released Firmware version 4.0 for the Nintendo Wii which finally brought us the promised storage solution that we’ve all been waiting for. Firstly after updating to firmware 4.0 you’ll notice a new SD Card icon on your Wii Menu Screen, if you do not have a SD card inserted the icon will be grey but if you do it will be coloured blue. Clicking on this icon will bring up a new SD card menu displaying all Wii Channels and Games currently stored on the card. From here you can manually request the Wii to launch a game or channel which will copy the ROM to the Wii’s internal memory and then run as usual. It is recommend that from now on you keep around 400 blocks of Wii internal storage free to facilitate in the easy launching of SD based games, if you have less than required you will be asked to manually free up space or use the new automatic system which will copy games from the Wii over to the SD card for you. The Wii Shop has also been upgraded so that new purchases (as well as redownloads) can be sent directly to SD to avoid having to ‘clean the fridge’ before purchasing anymore. Other minor updates include:

  • SDHC support for Photo and Wii Speak Channels.
  • Improved SD read and write speed for better quality cards.
  • Fixes to attempt to block new installs of the Homebrew Channel and other security holes.

Nintendo Wii pics

Nintendo Wii

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