Wii Opera Browser Update

Leaked information on the web suggests the Wii Opera Browser will be getting a fresh update this holiday. It will be free for those who already own the current browser or a $5 purchase for those who are new to the software. We’ve used the Wii Browser quite a bit and find it’s very handy to be able surf the internet on your normal TV from the comfort of your couch. Also rumoured is support for Flash Lite 3.1 which will play most Flash 9 footage from the web (as opposed to Flash 7 on the Wii right now) and a unique tab cube which will keep track of up to 6 WebPages at a time. There is also talk of the WiiSpeak microphone being enabled whilst browsing, we can’t think why at this moment at time but Nintendo will no doubt let us know very soon.

Wii Opera Browser Update pics

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