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Wii U screenshot

Wii U bricking during firmware updates

The Wii U‘s hit a bit of trouble in the US on its day of launch. Once bought, customers realised it needed a firmware update of over 1GB which on slower networks could take more than an hour to download. People with dodgy connections reported interrupted updates and bricked consoles as a result. So the question is, is anyone in need of an expensive black paper weight? Buy Wii U now New: Buy Wii U from Amazon.com Related: Top Wii U games for 2012, Wii U

Nintendo Wii U screenshot

Wii U specs

The wait is finally over, we now know many juicy details of Nintendo’s next home console. To say that the big Japanese developer want to cause another revolution in gaming is an understatement. There’s a bunch to say about the new system so let’s get going. Firstly the name; Wii U, pronounced Wii You, takes some getting used to. It certainly appears that the Wii brand name is just too strong for Nintendo to let go, and with over 90 million Wii’s sold, we can understand why. President of Nintendo of America explained that that Wii U represents the way...

Wii U

Wii U release date

Despite the huge success of Nintendo Wii from 2006 to 2009, sales thereafter have been slowing down quite considerably. Nintendo have set the Nintendo Wii U release date for 30th of November with a US price just shy of $500 and a UK price of around £250. What do we know? Custom CPU from IBM using triple core Power PC chip. It’ll be fast. Faster than a Playstation 3. 1080p 3D HD graphics using AMD graphics chip. The format wars have been fought and won by Blu-Ray, Nintendo are going to pick the largest storage media available. Traditional controller featuring dual...

Wii Christmas sales figures

Wii Christmas sales figures

The Wii is officially the most popular platform this Christmas. Despite Sony and Microsoft’s new motion controllers coming out, the Wii had almost 30 percent of the market share last week with the Nintendo DS still being the best-selling console in the UK. Buy Nintendo Wii now New: Buy Nintendo Wii from Amazon.com Related: Wii Fit sales figures, Kinect sales figures

Nyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard

Nyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard for Wii announced

Up until now if you wanted to type a lot of text on your Wii you either had to use the onscreen virtual keyboard or purchase the rather good looking but bulky official Logitech Wii Cordless Keyboard. Just announced from major third party peripheral maker Nyko; Type Pad Pro for Wii is a portable QWERTY keyboard that plugs directly into the WiiRemote itself for quick and easy use. It’s a battery free design features a port pass through port for your WiiMotionPlus or Nunchuck accessories. Available right now from Amazon for under $30; sounds like it’s time to start writing...

Wii Motion Plus controller

Using a Wiimote with The Legend of Zelda for the Wii

Looking forward to the new Legend of Zelda game on the Wii? Well you’d better get yourself a Wii MotionPlus controller if you haven’t already. It’s rumoured the game will ONLY work with the peripheral not only for swinging your sword naturally but also for solving puzzles and killing enemies in other wondrous ways. Related: Colored Nintendo Wii Remotes, Wii Motion Plus review