Wii U release date

Despite the huge success of Nintendo Wii from 2006 to 2009, sales thereafter have been slowing down quite considerably. Nintendo have set the Nintendo Wii U release date for 30th of November with a US price just shy of $500 and a UK price of around £250.

What do we know?

  • Custom CPU from IBM using triple core Power PC chip. It’ll be fast. Faster than a Playstation 3.
  • 1080p 3D HD graphics using AMD graphics chip.
  • The format wars have been fought and won by Blu-Ray, Nintendo are going to pick the largest storage media available.
  • Traditional controller featuring dual analog sticks, D pad, shoulder buttons – hinting that Nintendo wants to chase hardcore titles.
  • Large colour touch  screen on controller to display additional gameplay and menus for interacting with gameplay.
  • Goes under the working title of ‘Project Cafe’.
  • Rumoured to be launched as the ‘Nintendo Stream’.
  • Retail price estimated to be between around the $400 mark
  • Backwards compatibility with original Wii system, implying that motion controls still play an important role in the Wii 2. It would make sense for Nintendo to implement motion controllers with greater accuracy similar to the Playstation Move, if this can be achieved using a new sensor bar or more traditional camera remains to be seen.
  • Once the Wii 2 has been released the Xbox 360 will be the furthest down on the food chain with the slowest processor, lowest spec graphics and DVD storage – Microsoft needs to step up the game with an Xbox 720 soon.

In the mean time don’t be under the impression that the current Nintendo Wii is dead, there are several big titles still coming and we expect that through 2011 there will still be some great games to buy. Here’s our current Nintendo Wii shopping list:

For those wanting a taste of some next gen games for the current Wii we’ve compiled a list of recommended Wii hardcore games to keep you entertained until Nintendo’s HD powerhouse is released in 2012, for those picking up the Nintendo Wii U in November 2012 we’ve put together a list of the top Wii U games for 2012.
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