Wii Virtual Console Releases

Nintendo have released no less than four retro games on the Virtual Console this week.

First up is a great but very dated F1 style racer called Pitstop 2 (500 WiiPoints) from the Commodore 64 which originally became famous for its fast and smooth gameplay as well as two player split screen technology.

Second is Ecco Jr (800 WiiPoints) from the Sega Mega Drive, the third and worst game in the Ecco the Dolphin series. Basically a stripped down version of the second game but with all the challenge and puzzles removed in favour of cute tasks and extra playable characters suited for younger gamers.

Thirdly we have Splatterhouse 2 (800 WiiPoints) from the Sega Mega Drive. A sidescrolling action horror game where you control a brave young chap called Rick. Carry on the quest of the original Splatterhouse game to find Rick’s girlfriend Jennifer whilst you hack and slash your way through many levels of demon infested landscape.

Last but not least is Samurai Shodown 2 (900 WiiPoints), yet another beat em up from the NeoGeo. This was a poor arcade conversion which was missing the graphical edge and blood when it hit the home console.

Wii Virtual Console Releases

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