GTA 4 release date

We have a launch date for GTA 4. On April 29th you’ll be able to head back to Liberty City and cause lots of chaos if this news is true. It’s all based on the end of the tax year and other boring things pointing to that date. All you need to know is save your pennies and pop down the shop on that day. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick up a copy.

Update – GTA 4 release date 1 day early24/04/2008

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64 Responses

  1. niko says:

    i thought it was coming out on the 7/3/08???????????? whats going on ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  2. your mom says:

    looks cool and all
    but i thought it was comin in like july or september!!!?????!!!!!!

  3. khush says:

    i all redy get that………………….

  4. niko says:

    i thought it will be launched on january. until now i am waiting for that gta to be released.,

  5. ooga booga says:

    when it comes out from wherever it is coming from (hopefully not the closet) i hope the ps2 comes down in price at the same time and it also come out for pc too either way i will have it wrapped before any of you i think hehehe

  6. Nick says:

    I hope they are going to release the pc version shortly after the consoles one. Because I would hate to have to spend money on a game console just for the purpose of enjoying one game. Excellent one though it be

  7. Dillon says:

    Some guy at game stop told me last week it would be coming out on March 29th!!!


    & no its not out.


  8. senet says:

    looks like an awesome game but I’m not buying a console that may or may not work to play it.
    I’ll wait for the P.C. version or til time proves one of these systems is worth buying

  9. Hyper0666 says:

    The PS3 and X Box 360 release Date is the 29 April 08 and the PC version is released maybe 1 year later. (they are not sure if its coming out for PC yet)

  10. badboi says:

    oioi ppl wats up .u ayit dis gme iz da 1


  11. gtarzan says:

    isnt gta pc their best selling game ever , why the sudden focus on xbox and others,i loved the gta on pc all of them and if they want to keep the gta rep up ,theyd better relase it on pc soon,cause man i am tired of waiting, if they dont just gonna have to play true crime and other gta theme based games,wouldnt you ? rockstar i dont know if ure thinking but you got a franchise supporters to make happy, my small brother is desperate to get his hands on the game, for all the years we played gta dont dissappoint,

  12. chasey says:

    oh man gta iv is goona be released.i am gonna buy xbox 360 for gta iv but i heard it has a failuare percentage well i have to do some chipping out here in my country guys do u have any information on this will gta iv run in my xbox 360 after chipping

  13. amit says:

    as far as i know the site of gta 4 it says not april 25th infact its april 29th man been waiting for it so badly but then the bad news came rockstart are only makin it for ps3 and xbox 360 other platform releases are not yet decided that will they launch or not and when i have ps2 now wat the hell am i supposed to do now

    WTF man i hope rockstar releases the other platform version also soon

  14. amit says:

    chasey dont worry it will work on you chipped xbox 360 i have chipped ps2 everything works i.e. of ps2 platform so jus relax u r all good unlike me and a lot others who depend on pc version n other ps versions

  15. damo says:

    yoyoyo i cant wait caz im going to be busting some ****

  16. Anthony P says:

    I cant wait until this game comes out I pre orded the game a month ago heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  17. Zagaur says:

    Man all you losers are **** the best at every game ever released..and when we all play online multiplayer on ps3..i shall be thy victor and vanquish all that oppose my will..try as one may to become more powerful than a god!!that god is I Sur Zagaur!!! Xbox sucks – ps3 is the ultra powerful godlike machine of undifined power and might!!

  18. wasp says:

    if this gta does not match gta San andreas I will not be happy especially with the amount of times they have delayed this game. Reading the reviews it sounds good though (let’s hope so)

  19. jdawg says:

    Man are you guys illiterate. april29th is the day

  20. jovanni says:

    GTA 5; 2017; only on xbox720 & PS5

  21. baber says:

    gta4 not release in pc version

  22. travis says:

    soooo cant wait, im even taken time off to go get the game

  23. travis says:

    wasp this game ganan be better than sanandreas, sanandreas was **** and boxy

  24. skeetskeetskeet says:

    eyyyaaaa gta4 gona be shiz shiz city gona be where you go

  25. apocolyptictron says:

    i am the lord of the video games whom ever dies in the games comes to my relm where i beat them up with baseball bats untill they admit that they are not the best…i will have gta4 beaten in 3 hours hahahahahaha bow down to the master

  26. KAGS says:

    I hope all must have heard, that this gta4 game play is smaller compared to gta sa. GTA SA has 3 cities, this GTA4 is having only one, compared to gta sa play area size, but the graphics is what the key here, which will be eye candy i guess. Heard it in one of the forums.

  27. your such a bull crapper your propably a complete novice on the game console

  28. no one you know says:

    hey people,is gta 4 going to be released for pc or not? I want to hear the answer form a R* member or anyone from gamers who made it !!!!
    im really bad, they don`t want to see me worse(if there is no pc version),trust me

  29. Ferrari says:

    Man all you losers are **** the best at every game ever released..and when we all play online multiplayer on ps3..i shall be thy victor and vanquish all that oppose my will..try as one may to become more powerful than a god!!that god is I Sur Zagaur!!! Xbox sucks – ps3 is the ultra powerful godlike machine of undifined power and might!!

    People who talk like this are losers. GET A LIFE PR*CK!

  30. Craig says:

    sadly no announced PC version as of yet.

    its not to say that there WONT be a version released,
    but ive heard that Sony have an agreement with the publisher/software house Take-two – which means they cant(won’t) release for PC , the game when it is a flagship title for sony’s playstation. exactly like San Andreas was delayed by exactly 1 year, when it was first released on Xbox and Playstation.

    its to keep revenue in the console market, i almost considered buying a PS3 when i heard it wont be out on PC anytime soon. then i came to my senses.
    Playstation. Just say No.

    (ps. i wont come back to read responses, so go crazy)

  31. moine says:

    seriously, PS3 beats xbox by a LONGSHOT, but xbox has a better selection and release speed than sony…

  32. Ryan O'Keefe says:

    this game is the bomb…

  33. Harry says:

    Ok fan boys – put it away before someone loses an eye. It doesn’t really matter which console you play this on.

    In truth, I’d like to be able to play this on the PC but as many before me have said, that ain’t gonna happen for quite some time.

    I had a look back at the release dates of GTA 3, GTA:VC and GTA:SA. It’s very interesting actually. First of all, all three were released on PS2 in either October or November (GTA 3 as November) – in each case around 6 months later, the PC version hit the shelves.

    If you take that as a guide, we can expect to see a PC version just in time for Christmas ^_^.

    I wouldn’t be entirely suprised though if R* neglected to release a PC version – piracy is rife on the PC – I’ve even heard it said that some say that piracy is destroying the PC games industry. Combine this fact with the apparent financial difficulties faced by R* (what with them being sued and all), a PC release begins to look unlikely.

    Has anyone any thoughts on how EA’s hostile takeover of Take-Two will effect a PC release? Will it make it more likely given EA’s interest in milking the GTAIV cash cow and their string of PC titles? Will it extend the time we have to wait for a PC game? – EA are bound to restructure >_

  34. Bob Marley says:

    i just bought this game, its awesome, in the manual on the last page, it says the pc version is expected release in December 13th of 2008. check it yourself when you buy the game. i havent played it yet cuz i dont get a 360 until 4 pm today so..

  35. ArScAn says:

    Can anyone confirm this information above???

    Does the last page of the GTA4 360 version manual contain the release date of pc version?

  36. Billy Bob says:

    help me!
    hooker glued my balls to my inner thigh

  37. Blah says:

    Considering December 13th of 2008 is a Saturday and games are released on a Tuesday, I’m gonna say no.

  38. Simon says:

    I just went to my mates Dick Smith store… We opened one up and there is NOT a thing about it in the last 3 pages let alone last page.

  39. PIeter says:

    ****!!!!! it sucks ballz that it did not came out on Pc 1st GTA is made for PC NOT SONY OR ***** XBOX AND WHAT IS THE REALESE DATE FOR PC??????????? MAN IM P****D

  40. KAGS says:

    Reply to Harry’s post: Looking at what he said, hes speaking as if GTA 4 is secured and piracy free with XBOX 360 and PS3 versions. Check online mate, already so many links available for XBOX360 version of GTA 4, and I guess PS3 pirated version will be on its way soon on the internet. I doesnt own any console, so I have to wait till PC version shows up for GTA4. later.

  41. Tobi says:

    Hey guy you have to tell me: where says the manual something of a realease date of he pc version??!
    Nowhere! It says nothing about it! Why are ya talking such a ****?

  42. MatthewC says:

    ****!!!!! it sucks ballz that it did not came out on Pc 1st GTA is made for PC NOT SONY OR ***** XBOX AND WHAT IS THE REALESE DATE FOR PC??????????? MAN IM P****D

    Your grammar is ****…
    stop over-reacting…
    it wasn’t made for pc ffs it made for the consoles…
    just wait and you personally should take a suicide pill while you’re at it… I don’t know why… but it will make the world a better place.

  43. DML says:

    MatthewC, you are wrong. GTA 1 was made for PC.

    Sony DO suck serious balls.
    Microsoft, also, suck some serious balls.

    It’s just the way of the world.

  44. Pierre says:

    I cat wait for this brilliant game.. which were first? Pc? or Sony playstation? consoles, or pc?

    I think Pc is the right answer, because it is.. Go ***** youselfs. The guys making GTA are ****heads. (well we all DO copy the games anyways, so we might just aswell wait…)


  45. Perfekt says:

    “# DML Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 8:29 am

    MatthewC, you are wrong. GTA 1 was made for PC.

    Sony DO suck serious ****.
    Microsoft, also, suck some serious ****.

    It’s just the way of the world.”

    Even if you get it on PC homie, it’s still a Microsoft system. You do such a wonderful job putting down Microsoft, yet you use their software on your computer.


  46. TruXter says:

    Pc version?

    No one in my forums mentioned anything about a release date being in the manual.
    That “eagle eye reader” Is f.o.s.

  47. cRUEL says:

    u r dumb *** Perfekt.. not only microsoft we have today
    gta 1 was from PC.. i ve played all till san andreas.
    now take-two are forgetting about us (PC gamers)

  48. lovely... says:

    hey man, im the f**k waiting for GTA4 pc version…… lolz plzzzzz inform me on ma email ( its release date! X_BOX 360, & all PS people u f**king njoyyyyy…

  49. GKlz says:

    wen is it going to relese in pc
    imean GTA 4???????????

  50. It’s all about money to these greedy game company. Thats seriously the bottom line. To NOT release it for the PC means people like myself have to go out and buy a PS or a XBox, (hmm, how much do they cost?), then honestly buy a decent TV to play it on (how much dose that cost?). Then after all of that $$$, then, just then have the money for the game? WTF.

    Thats Bullsh*t. I personally hate game systems. There cheap, and all part of the corperate greed to suck this group of people into it. Besides, I hate the consol, I’d rather have a mouse any day. I can’t stand the inaccuracy of a damn joystick button thing.

    If GTA4 is not released for the PC I’m going to be *****. Oh btw, about microsoft, it dose suck. What about releasing it for MAC?

  51. Steve says:

    If they publish it to PC: I buy.
    I don’t have a console: end of story.

    console gamers had HALO (would have been PC) and MGS etc etc.

    PC-ers had GTA.

    Now it’s all down to consoles… bah. :(

  52. Vixen says:

    In all honesty, the only things that I find great about the new GTA are the explosion graphics and the collision physics. The story line was sub-par for GTA IV, and the “amazing” graphics – lagging behind most other games.

    However, I still would love to see it come out for PC. It, originally, was a PC title, and for RockStar to defect, I figure thats just a mistake.

  53. joker says:

    hey whts goin on here i thought it was relereing in october why in april anyway i have 512 mb ram and 256 mb grafic wuld that be enuth??

  54. Ace says:

    Just a quicky Joker and im sure ul never read this but il write for the amusement of any other surfers who read this page…..

    Ur puny system with 512mb ram n a 256mb graphics card will prob melt if you try to install GTA IV when it comes out on the 21st Nov so don’t bother buying unless you’ve been upgrading.

    Nuf Sed *

  55. blaster says:

    hilarious lol

  56. Karan Jaggi says:

    Hey Ace,

    Was wondering if GTA IV would play on my laptop. Will post my rig. below. Big fan of GTA series btw. Thanks.

    DELL XPS M1530
    2.4 GHZ T8300 | INTEL CORE 2 DUO | 3 MB L2 CACHE | 800 MHZ FSB
    4 GB DDR2 RAM @ 667 MHZ
    250 GB SATA HDD @ 5400 RPM
    256 MB GDDR3 NVIDIA 8600M GT

  57. IronCross says:

    ahhaha cant wait! im thinking my pc will be able to play it…. actualy probley be able to run a couple instances of it at the same time ahhahahha!

    AMD PHENOM 9950 @ 2.6ghz (quad core) | 6MB L3
    8GB DDR2 1066 MHZ
    1TB SATA3
    512MB GDDR5 4870

  58. jz says:

    rockstar games are stupid,if gta IV comes out on ps2 they will get more money because more people own one and i hope they read this but if they dont i would like everyone to put it on every website they know and gtaIV will be more popular because more people will own it because more people own a ps2

  59. fdst says:

    will gta 4 be realeased 4 ps2 at all? cause it looks cool but i got a ps2 wii and a ds.if anyone knows e-mail me.

  60. michael says:

    when is gta 4 coming out for ps2

  61. ok if it does not come out for ps2 iam going to damn rockstar and sew they asses beause me and a freind want it bad!!!!!!!! so someone e-mail me when it comes out for ps2 @ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. michel says:


  63. Ehmar says:

    yeah man……when the hell is gta 4 going to be released on ps2???