GTA IV PC release date

UPDATE – GTA IV PC version – out now

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Original article: One eagle-eyed reader of our blog a release date for GTA 4 for pc has been spotted in the manual of the Xbox 360 version of GTAIV. Apparently on 13th December 2008 Niko and Roman will be finding a place on your Windows start menu just in time for the Christmas. No details on what additional GTA4 PC version features will be included, if it will be a Vista-only release or what minimum hardware will be required – but best put in a word to Santa for the latest Alienware hardware just in case.

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GTA IV PC release date

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281 Responses

  1. Mawson says:

    mmmm…. any evidence to back this up?

  2. Morbus says:

    nah. It’s a console title, it will run on XP and will run just fine on e6600 2GB ram and x1950xtx… just like every other port.

  3. John says:

    Well, according to people with game manuals, this isn’t true… No1 found any PC release date in the last page of the game manual.

  4. John says:

    btw by people I mean 2 people who aren’t that good with English, so this isn’t 100% sure. If some1 has a manual, check this and let us know!

  5. GTA Guy says:

    man i need this game! i wood buy 360 or ps3 but my parents don’t wanna spend money on a system for 1 game! I need GTA!

  6. Dave says:

    Its a shame because is this not the 21st century? i also heard october release for pc but to be honest thats still to long… there taking the michael out of us they should atleast have the courtesy to let us know that there even working on it.
    so all in all if its not out in the next few weeks im not gonna bother buying it especialy if they try to RErelease it for christmas sales.

  7. sherman says:

    Be dumb to come out that late. spore comes out in september.

  8. Antipop says:

    Yeah, will be the best version. Better graphics, smoother, dedicated online servers, probably 50+ mp servers too, not just 16… should be sweet. :)

  9. Johnn Costello says:

    IN 7 months? i an’t wait that long…i… i just can’t…BOOM (shot myself in the head)

  10. ArScAn says:

    I read the 360 manual and didn’t find any evidence of the pc version…I’ll take a better look again later but I beleive it”s fake… Waste of time but I’m sure it will be released soon…

  11. ArScAn says:

    Was this news verified before publishing? Please post some evidence… I read all the 360 manual and there is nothing there!!!

  12. Dam Man says:

    Wow the PC gets the shaft again! October, December?? either one is lame, really hate take two for this everytime.

  13. I just can’t wait 7 months,i can tell ya,it won’t be 7 months,the game will be released in 2 or 3 months. They are just trying to make us nervous so that we won’t wait and to make us buy 360 or ps3. I’ve watched several trailors and i personaly think that it’s the best gta and maby best game ever made.I love gta 3 cuz of the liberty city and it’s great ro have the game back to liberty city.And by the way,if anyone HAVE THE SITE WITH BETTER DECRIPTION OF GTA 4 PLEASE SEND ME E MAIL WITH THAT SITE,my e mail is:

  14. lionman says:

    lol WTF is they first relesing gta IV on the 13th of DECEMBER!!

  15. lionman says:

    is it only working on vista OoR WTF?

  16. lionman says:

    freaking LOL! cant belive rockstar is so stupid thaat first realesing the PC version on december f**king d**k-heads

  17. CHeburashka! says:


  18. John says:

    OK after a few checkups I found out that it’s not true. There’s nothing that hints about the PC port in the xbox360 manual. The user lied.

  19. Toingz says:

    yey,this suck.Why the hell is it on Decemder

  20. Toingz says:

    this is bull, now I’v got to wait for months

  21. Goblin says:

    In the past it took 6 to 12 months for Rockstar to release their previous installments of the GTA games to PC, however, previous games were not released on XBOX and you never know what kind of agreement Rockstar made with Micro**** about the release on XBOX. For all we know the agreement forbids Rockstar of making PC releases. I hope its not the case though and I hope that by november/december the game will be released for PC. It won’t be a Vista only release because that is idiotic, if anything it won’t work on Vista because Vista is a pile of incompatible crap and will go down in history as a failure in OS, just like Windows ME. Its just a matter of time before Microsoft will acknowledges it, cause no business in their right mind will install that memory hungry, slow, ugly, and user unfriendly garbage on their employee desktops. But sorry, i am getting off topic, chances are there will be a GTA IV Windows release in 6 to 18 months. The user who said Dec 13, 2008 lied.

  22. V3ND3TT4 says:

    Well GTA: San Andreas and Vice City was released for PC so they should release GTA IV for PC aswell, but they do have problems making engough copies of the game because it gets soldout in the stores so fast. So only time will tell.

  23. bugga says:

    stupid ****… why the hell not release it at the SAME *****ing time?

  24. dicanio says:

    dont be so down guys, sure gta 4 is a great game but being a pc gamer myself i dont really mind waiting for the release.
    we all (should) know the financial reasons for releasing on console only for the first 6 months.
    All in all although the game is looking fantastic im 100% sure that once pc gamers get to play it they’ll think well it is much better than SA but im damn glad i didn’t waste money on a console just to play GTA 4!!!
    we’ll get it eventually and it’ll be great but dont get sucked into the hype and think about getting a 360/ps3 just to play it.
    I had a birthday come and go recently and the wife asked if i wanted a ps3 and i said no – sure MGS and a few other titles are looking good but all i have to do is look at my ps2 gathering dust next to my ps1 to know my pc is king and NO game would convince me otherwise.
    Hold tight pc owners – we will get the best version and lets not forget pc gamers have been playing SA multiplayer forever already, multiplayer is nothing new to us :)

  25. vista lover says:

    vista rules the world and this game will run if u got a good computer.

  26. dicanio says:

    im dumb and i like mac it rules u dumb vista lover

  27. xp lova says:

    i cant wait 4 seven months. thats a long wait. please i wish it comes out for pc. If it does come out im gettin it

  28. Kristaps-K9[Lv] says:

    OK with those 12 to 18 months youre making everyone nervous …if ill have to wait that long ill just work the summer and buy PS3 rather t5han whait 18 months..

    damn i can bet that rockstar has something against PCs because the xbox 360 and ps3 are new consoles and they hope that pc users will change their 1000$ (or more)whorth PCs for a black or white box that has a hard drive and internet conection.

    IT SUCKS!!!!:(

  29. Merwiz says:

    7 months?????****!!!!!i though is gonna be ****ing realeased on october or november but december…WTF??

  30. Salman says:

    Vista sucks. I use Win XP.

    Lets hope this game comes out soon on the PC. And don’t worry guys there are ways to hack a Vista on;y game to be playable on XP.

  31. Patrick says:

    as a reply to dicanio, us pc gamers have been playing multiplayer since gta 3 came out on it, it also had multiplayer, but it wasn’t as popular as SA was.
    But theres one thing your very wrong about.

    MGS:4 is worth buying a ps3 for. It’s truely the most amazing game you’ll ever play, and I can 100% assure you on it.

    Also, The one bad part about it, the gta part, is for us pc gamers, your going to need a Nice Ass computer, and I’m positive on that one.

    with the graphics this things pushing is going to take alot to play. Standard pc’s aren’t going to handle it.

  32. Patrick says:

    He’s right though, Online play isn’t anything close to being new for us GTA pc-ers. You guys act like its such a big deal, but its not close. We’ve had it for so damn long and you guys think its a better reason for buying it. its not.

  33. Homer Simpson says:

    theres no proof he really saw that in the manual hes probably just lying like the swiss website that made a fake image of gta iv for pc and besides VISTA RUCKS (oops i mean:)SUCKS
    but hopeis not gone they probably create a pc version they wont forget us

    and one last thing the PC piracy up bull**** well… its bulls*** u can illegally download games for PS3 as well oh and DOH>.<

  34. Stu says:

    I’m not even sure I will buy it now, talk about forgetting who you owe your success to! Might just download it for making me wait that long.

  35. Morten says:

    1. Vista does not suck. It just has some backward compatibility problems. So what… So does Windows XP… You can’t keep using old stuff… That way, we’ll stay in the 21st century.

    2. GTA IV will arrive on PC. It’s the same thing with Assassin’s Creed. Microsoft are laying pressure on the game developers to postpone the releases of PC games, to let more users buy it for Xbox 360, or maybe even buy the console if they don’t have it.

    3. Heck, the PC version could already have gone gold. Maybe it’s ready for release, and just waiting for all the console owners to buy the game.

    4. Define standard pc? I mean, as it is now, a standard pc is at least 2 cores, 2gb ram and a geforce 8800. If you doesn’t meet that, you’ve got an out-dated system.

    5. The game companies should really drop the test machines (consoles), and release the games sooner (pc)!

  36. Mike says:

    I agree with you except point 4

    “Standard PC” what the hell do you mean?

    WtF would the point of buying a PC.
    My desktop PC, 4 years old with 5500 FX could have handled anything. Only modern games such as CoD4, Crysis ETC it wouldnt even start.

    I can assure you that this will be the minimum specs:

    OS – Windows XP or Windows Vista
    Processor – Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (XP) or 3.2 GHz (Vista) or equivilient
    Memory – 1.0 GB RAM (XP) or 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)
    Video Card -256 MB = this will be in my opinion 6 series mabye 6800
    Hard Drive – 6-12GB who knows, well 500GB is “standard”?
    Sound Card – DirectX 9.0c compatible

  37. FuzzySixx says:

    I just got a new pc w/ 4gb ram, 2.7 ghz amd dual core, 512 mb radeon hd 3650, and some non game related stuff. Do you think that would handle GTA IV? BTW it only cost me $620 including case.

  38. snoop says:

    Don’t know what the f**k u guyz are talking about. here in Kenya we have been waiting for GTA 4 since we got our independence….lol. anyway seriously, i have played all the GTA games and i think us pc users are always at a disadvantage. The Mic’s guys want us to buy the console plus the game. its basic economics. The law of supply and demand. And we are demanding, so we can sell our PC loyalty to the console devils. BUT we will prevail. just like our GeForce’s and our AMD’s. The world is ours for the taking….SOON.

  39. snoop says:

    By the way. how about a strike for the release of gta 4. seriously dudes. THE GAMING STRIKE. what do we do? flood rocktar and its affiliates with e-mails. run an online campaign. any ideas?
    and by the way, please razor1911 please come up with a solution for all this console cr*p.

  40. Poo Fingers says:

    I hate nerds.

  41. Hi, I’ve been studing the GTA IV PC problem. The XBox 360 GTA IV version is remarkably close to the programming for the PC.
    I SAY TO YOU ROCKSTAR if a copy for the PC is not released, a Xbox 360 emultion of the game will be (if not already) released for the PC, and be free to download on any PUBLIC DOMAIN TORRENT!!!!

  42. smellor says:

    didn’t ign have an interview with someone about its release date? Im sorry but its gonna be a much better game on pc whenever it comes out we’ve got mice! Also lets just hope that them bringing it out later means that there will be more. Aparently IV doesn’t have all the like upgrades you could get like say if you ride a bike for so long you could bunny hop higher they dont even have bikes… i think that was one of the winning features of GTA San Andreas because even when you’d completed the missions you still had something else to do. It’s a shame tbh, but im sure other elements of the game other than the graphics will be better. Toooo long though to wait its just stupid. It’s like spore… they announced it 2006 or something for 2007 april or even 2005 for 2006 april and then it didnt come out so they said autumn then they said spring again… now they say autumn? I mean this is good on the graphics front, that the graphics won’t be 2005, 2006 graphics but the gaming industries becoming a joke! Good thing steam is around to fulfill my gaming needs.

  43. REccON says:

    You people are all like PC’s are gonna have to be awesome to play GTA IV …
    If so then tell me how come Crysis was only out for PC?Why? Becos it’s the only platform strong enough to support it,therefor if u can play GTA IV on ps3 and 360,u won’t need nothing more than a 3 years old comp to run it on…

  44. idiots says:

    y cant u people just be patient? it will eventually come out, so just wait. but if you really do want it for your pc soon i would actually think going on a strike would be a good idea, for example ‘ flood rocktar and its affiliates with e-mails.’ as snoop said….i mite actually try that…

  45. Martin says:

    I seriously doubt that they will wait seven month before releasing it on PC, I will NEVER buy a PS3 or a 360 just to play one game.

    I really hope they could move their ass’es and get going with a PC version.
    Normally I download all of my games but this is (for sure) one game I will spend my money on, and go but it in the stores.

    It is, without a doubt going to be the best game of all times, and damn I’m glad i just bought a new monster PC, I will be running GTA IV just fine on my machine.
    I just cant wait to turn on all the graphics to the max, go straight towards the first car i see, pull the guy out and beat the living crap out of him!

    PLEASE ROCKSTAR, I promish I will never ever sexually assault my mother again, if you would just release the god damn game on PC :(

    (btw the thing with sexually assaulting my mother was a joke… IM STILL GONNA DO IT!)

  46. Martin says:

    Yeah you will be able to play the game, i doubt you will be able to turn on all the eyecandy, but on a decent Medium GTA IV will run just fine on your machine.

  47. i am the king says:

    i hope gta 4 will never be released on pc

  48. Toni "the Money" Moni says:

    PC users are a large portion of rockstars market and they can’t afford not to make a PC version as the game was originally developed on a PC to begin with using Vista.

    Xbox is more PC than console so chill guys if its on the XBOX then it should be on the PC unless for some strange reason Rockstar are inbed with both console manufacturers and the PC has been given divorce papers ?

    Its all to do with $$$$$ and Rockstar is in the money business so chill it will arrive at least with better graphics, less bugs, glitches and faster internet/lan play WOOOT ! (maybe the potential for future mods, vehicles and add ons)

  49. Uros Pavlovic says:

    U picku materinu!!! Who to wait December!!! ARGH! :) HEheheeh

  50. bhagyesh says:

    Ihave XBOX 360 GTA 4 ………ITZZZZ the cool game i have ever seen the graphics r smooth and burnind the 360 ……..u all should try first on consoles …..coz if u r waiting for pc version ,first u should upgrade your pc by GeForce8800 Graphics card …….i have GTA4 PC VERSION MODED but it want higher graphics card i have 7series GC it dont run smoothly …….ok so any body wantzz this cool game pc version can contact me.

  51. thangarajah says:

    please make it come quick i will be waiting for the game

  52. Tommie vercettie is back in town guys , but not on my PC!!! that’s a shame , for the game !!! Ha! got it ,shame -game ,ok leave it. But according to a friend of mine gta 4 is gonna be realeased in less than 5 months , maybe 4. but please can anyone tell me if there is any xbox 360 emulators like those for ps2s :(

  53. Martin says:

    @the game 01

    I seriously doubt there are any existing emulators for the XBOX360, a really really good computer can hardly handle the PS2 emulator so i doubt it can handle an XBOX360 emulator.

    Why bother anyway?

    Like “Toni “the Money” Moni” says, its gonna be released to PC with less bugs glitches etc.. perhaps a few add on’s too :)

    Orh! But I understand you guys, I cant wait either, maybe if rockstar had given us a date of the release, but they havent, and thats the worst kind of waiting, its like waiting for someone but you dont know the estimated time of arrival. Pitty :(

    @bhagyesh Luckely, i got a 8800Geforce, no thats not right, i got 2 :D
    becides that an Intel Quad Core running at 3.6ghz with liquid cooling and 4Gigs of ram, i think i will be able to max out the settings :) dont you?


  54. jpl says:

    i hope theres for windows xp

  55. loph8 says:

    I heard a rumour of an august release date and I think this logical as many of games come out within 3 to 4 months of the console release date

  56. nithesh says:

    hi guys! I’ve played almost all the gta games on pc till gta san andreas. So do you ppl really think they’l release it 4 the pc??? I mean liberty city stories and vice city stories nvr made it to the pc!!!! Besides rockstar has no intention to announce the release date 4 pc. That’s a shame!!!

  57. zekkerjah says:

    nithesh: The thing is that both ‘stories’ editions for the PSP were spinoffs from the original Vice City and GTAIII which, in turn existed before PSP. I’d say that its naive to think that if a company doesn’t announce a release date, a product won’t show up. Its simple – if they announce it on the last moment, the hype generated around the game will increase its sales substantially.

  58. GTA Fan says:


  59. Morten says:

    The Stories, was plain ****. That’s why they didn’t bother releasing it for PCs!

  60. Ivan says:

    Its’ all about marketing and promotion. This “omerta” about PC release is another trick to put extra money in MS and SONY safes’.
    In my opinion, GTA 4 will come out for PC in autumn 2008. PC release was delayed because MS T2 R* and SONY have some contract standing for “temporary exclusive” console release. GTA VCS and GTA LCS were developed because of special order of SONY corporation. Their unique console release can’t influence on GTA4 PC release.

  61. rajashahid says:

    i want 2 play PC gtaIV i dont like these stupid ps and xbox i like only PC so please realese it very soon we are wating for gta new version please

  62. demon says:

    cant i play in my nvidia geforce 5500?????????????????????????
    do something for poor gamers like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  63. Ivan Silni says:

    Damn you Bill Gates and yours XBox.

  64. loooool first thing 5500?? is it still exsists? lool better have a comodor instead of a 5500. you wish you can play gta 3 on it and can have gta san andreas wallpaper but still with lag and forget to play san andreas on it. and for sure forgett gta iv you wont even play her song on your pc cause it will be too gaddame lagggy.

    i played it on xbox 360 and finished it for 5 times now. its tooo bored. graphics on are so beautifull but in the game are little better then san andreas. so limited guns so limited cars so limited people so limited boats so limited heli’s inffect 2 heli’s only and around 20 cars tops. i played it and when i had 2 hours of gameplay i fad up and came so bored i prefer runescape from instead of this **** game gta iv

    **** you all rockstar gaymers and you people **** you little godddam bithes

  65. MRNONAME says:

    I heard that it will not be ported to PC because currently NO systems can support it. This is what I heard, just a myth guys, and I hope it comes out for PC cuz I am a PC and PS2 gamer. (no next-gen,too expensive)

  66. Loko says:

    Well..last time i bought a game it ended up crashing my PC cuz it couldnt take it, then i got even more angry and broke the old ****, Anyhow my new specs are:
    -Quad Core 2.4 GHZ
    -2 GB RAm
    -250 GB space
    -Gefroce Nvidea 7900 GT 256 MB

    Can this ogre take GTA IV!??!?!? If not im…killing myself

  67. Trotter2k says:

    i can wait for the pc version , i would not even touch a 360 cuz its like fking Vista a load of ****hahaha Sony rule the console market on reliability :)

  68. magnus says:

    sony playstation and xbox sux bajs. I will never buy that ****. PC and Wii is all needed! GTA will come in September on PC

  69. Doddsy says:

    If GTA IV sells bucket loads in 2008 then I think Rockstar will def get a PC version out by dec.

  70. gAmer says:


  71. Pierre says:

    you all speak k*k.. :D hehe just give us evidence and the real Release date.. Evidence as an a rockstar link or something that tells us “release date – blah blah” … PLEASE


  72. Monkey says:

    Looks like you’ll have to kill yourself there Loko, most likely need double the ram and sli with another 7900

    I think ill be safe though

    2x 8800GTX in SLi
    2x2gig + 2x1gig Crucial Ballistix RAM
    3.4Gig Dual Core AMD Athlon AM2 Black Edition
    Crosshair Mobo

    Everything Watercooled, built it myself :D

    No if the f**king game can hurry up and get released that would be great!

  73. The Bad Guy says:

    Do Not Worry PPL, Definitly there will be a PC Version … Its only a matter of time … Personally, I can wait for December may be the Next June too … [Patience is a Bless !], As Some Guy Said Earlier [Stu] – R* are forgetting who they owe their success to !
    n For those GeForce 5 Series Owners, 5200 n 5500 were F***** Gladiators, But that was 4 or 5 Yrs ago !!
    Im sorry to tell U that 5 n 6 Series are totally out of the list,
    the minimum will be 7 Series [late 7s], for Memory Bandwidth and Pixel Shader [ver 3] Purposes
    I agree with the GTA PCers Strike, Just let me know If U R serious bout that !
    n For those Consolers …
    Just Don get me started on the Console Vs PC Argument
    Don Tell Me PSs, XBoXs or Even Stupid Wiis
    All Consoles are No Match for PCs [Specially Gaming PCs …. XPSs, Dellienwares],
    30 or 40 Yrs Later – Just try to keep up with the count of the PSs released [PS-11, PS-12, PS-13 ….. PS n] :D:D:D

    The Only way Consoles Could have a Single Chance to Withstand PCs, [I shldnt be Disclosing this to consolers … Competitive Advantage, U Know :)],
    is when they allow U Consolers to Upgrade the hardware of the
    Console – like upgrading the stock Video Card for an all New 9 Series GeForcer or an A** kicking ATI

    n I Dont think their “Console-Directed” Minds would think about this !!

    Like the Old Say Goes …. Consoles Rise and Fall, PCs Stands Strong
    If U Didnt already Notice, Im a 101 % PC Gamer [No Console S**t], n Im starting to Doubt the Ability of My XPS [M1710] to run GTA IV All Maxed Smoothly :s
    Viva PC Gaming … The Bad Guy

  74. Tim says:

    GTA 4 will come out on pc on 13th of december this year (I want it!! But Its months away). i have a xbox 360 :P but no money to buy the game. System requiements:

    2.8ghz P4 or Better
    7600GT or better
    and dvd drive

    Don’t know any more details yet but keep checking as i will post more info!

    :D :D GTA Rules :D :D

  75. Cankara says:

    i want to play GTA IV on my pc!!

  76. dinos says:

    Guys all games are made on PC. So the first release is on PC and then they make the versions of PS3 and XBOX 360 so they can sell miliions of copies and when they have sell as much as they want they realese the pc version in which propably they won’t sell anything. ( i have seen a video with someone of rockstar games playing gta iv on pc at an interview.

  77. Joey Bishop says:

    The reason R* wont release it on the PC early is because all of you idiots will pirate it, so they have to make their money somehow.

    Enjoy ruining the PC gaming industry.

  78. SRBIN says:

    do you know that Niko Belic Is from Serbia.

  79. SRBIN 1 says:

    Yes he is

  80. SRBIN says:

    Niko Belic Is from Serbia . His caracter was taken from a movie Behind enemy lines , in this movie he is a Serbian sniper !!!!!!!!!!

  81. dfsdf says:

    ahahah cant wait to pirate it >:)

    ohhh wait noo i will buy it!


  82. Arun says:

    hi frnds vista is better thxp in all ways use it for a month u will come to know i used xp still last last year now i use vista now i think xp is **** vista is better than xp…

  83. Arun says:

    hi frnds vista is better than xp in all ways use it for a month u will come to know i used xp still last last year now i use vista now i think xp is **** vista is better than xp…

  84. Mike says:

    I already have the PS3 version, i dont need the PC version, everybody already has the console versions anyway.

  85. baber says:

    i m baber
    i am very big fan of gta san andreas
    i have only pc and ps2
    gta 4 on pc version how many month to release
    plz tell me all people
    my pc system
    2.8 ghz
    512 mb ram
    geforce 4400
    so tell me
    my email

  86. SRBIN says:

    I think thet Rockstar games shoud stop with the this “NO Comment when the game is coming to the PC , so you should buy PS3 or Xbox 360”. Monopoly

    Ovo je velika kradza od PC-a.

  87. EJM says:

    The good news is that if you wait for half the time they delay the release date, after it is released you will be able to purchase the game for half the original price.

    I would only buy a console for blueray – quite playing consumers for idiots as one day the consumer will fight back.


  88. **nick** says:

    A friend of mine works for Rock*!
    and he says that its !TOP SECRET! if its coming out for PC, Which must mean yes… lol well anyways he’s a programer of GTA IV and if he doesn’t know, then who will??

    but he said if it did it will need a top spec PC in able to run correctly.
    Alienware maybe?

    Your need a PC capable of running full HD style graphics, with a lot of spare hard drive space.
    plus a high end sound card… as this is the main reason for lagging in PC games – 24bit or higher.

    I think it should come out on the fantastic *APPLE MAC*, it’s the best £1200 i’ve ever spend.
    even though if it does come out on PC i can use Parallels desktop to run my emulated WIN XP & Vista, to play it – and as i have a MAC i can use its Full HD screen, brill graphic, 3.6GHz core 2 duo, 4GB memory and an external sound blaster 24bit sound card for HD sound … i already play San Andreas on it though my vista emulator.

    well anyway thats my input… if i hear anymore from my mate i’ll let you know!

  89. ravidu says:

    hey.i am sri lankan. i like play gta IV release on pc tell me.

    send me massage to email.

    you like play sc 1.6 online sri lanka.
    and play more interest.

  90. Jamie says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but i read somewhere on a website that it will take nearly 2 years for it to be suitable for PC… I am a PC gamer and I hope that it comes out on PC sooner, So I hope that it is false information… The site info said that the Xbox360 in itself is a very powerful PC, dedicated about 70% to graphics and this is why it will take so long for PC

  91. ofir says:

    the gta iv come to pc in novembir 30! or-is not come to pc ?
    i see gta iv come in novembir 30 to shop!!!
    gta iv to pc?
    i do is come in novembir 30!!!!! to pc –
    i shop gta iv pc!!! in novenbir!!

  92. ofir says:

    gta iv pc is graphics no god!!!
    71% graphics down ;(

  93. Lou says:

    If it comes out for PC,great! If it doesnt, dont buy a console just for it.Dont play it on a console if you dont like the interface, just ait for the next one. I have an xbox which i love for racing games and such but for a game as involved as gta, only PC will do, much more control.

    Anyhow, be patient, if it comes, good,if it dont i still enjoy san andreas heaps! I wont spend money twice on the same game, thas dumb. Even if you are selling the console one for less after…

  94. I need the guy.
    I don’t have the money to buy a console.
    Can’t wait any longer need to have the game now.
    Or i’ll..*A shot is heard.*
    I’ll kill my dog.

  95. Jimbo says:

    I just want GTA IV to come out for christmas cause i will be getting a high powered gaming pc and then i can crank the graphics up to full and have all the f****** fun i want.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. ****360, besides havin to pay for live, and having a now useless hddvd external drive they now have the nerve to keep gta4 from hitting pc for whatever reason, (money) Bill Gates needs to realize that 360 sux, and wouldnt extist without pc, gta is a pc game **** consoles period. And rockstar, rockstar, rockstar. how the hell could u not release on pc FIRST?!
    the piece of **** 3 and the 3 **** should find a shelf at a local pawn shop asap. PC ftw

  97. Rajat says:


  98. Tarek Kadoura says:

    Is this ok for GTA IV:
    Mother Board: Asus Striker II NSE.
    Chipset: nForce® 790i SLI.
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 3.00GHZ.
    CPU Cooler: Asus Arctic Square Cooler.
    Ram: DDR3 (1600mhz) 2x 1GB + 1x 2GB (Corsair).
    Hard Disk: 350GB 9000RPM SATA (Maxtor).
    Video Card: Asus PCI-E N Series-EN8800 Ultra 768MB.
    Or Asus PCI-E N Series-EN9800GX2 (Dual GPU) 1GB.
    ADSL Modem: 2 Mbps.
    Disk Driver: CD-DVD RW “Light Scribe” or i need Bluray.
    Screen: 20” Widescreen LCD (LG).

    Please tell me my mail is

  99. Kristaps-K9[Lv] says:

    I think that gta iv will be released but a lot of us wont be able to buy it (at least in LATVIA) because of weak PCs or the game will be sold out and the only option will be to buy the much more cheaper russian language gta iv(everything in russian language)from the russian publisher of the game (if it will have one–but i hope it doesnt) :)
    Aboutthe pc specs i think the min would be—
    2GB of ram At least 256MB graphic card which has large clock frequencies and 2.4 or 2.8 GHZ intel core 2 procesor

    My Specs
    2GB ram
    2.4GHZ ntel core 2 duo
    640MB nvidia 8800GTS graphic card
    STRIKER motherboard
    (Its an average game system cost me about 600-700$ or 800Ls but its fully adjustable for the most demanding games like CRYSIS or TIMESHIFT) :)



  100. Kristaps-K9[Lv] says:

    OH YEA
    about the VISTA Versus XP– I think that it wont be a probelem cuz if the game will be released only on VISTA then you can split your hard drive into two halfs- on one half your XP and on the other you can download a piratic Windows Vista. Or you can buy another hard drive which is easier(if you dont understand that much of PCs) and if you want a original windows VISTA you need BIG $$$


  101. efef says:

    i look at ps3 manual constantly and it not it this article is bul****

  102. atul4u says:

    no if gta 4 not for pc .i will deeeeeeeeed
    i love gta4 u no.
    i eat gta
    i sleep gta
    i drink gta

    without gta .life is boring.

  103. atul4u says:

    its can run on pc ——————————————–?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  104. atul4u says:

    gta i love this game.gta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this game

    gta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this game
    gta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this gamegta i love this game

  105. zmoonchild says:

    Why is there a black line across every other comment? It makes them difficult to read sometimes.
    Can it be removed?

  106. what dya think I'd do says:

    maybe thhis is punishment for the ease at which people (read: me) iz gonna pirate this ***** for PC.. could do it on consoles, with tha mod chip

    ps, I bought gta i,ii,iii — cause they were sick and i wanted them to keep comin

  107. UltimetSoldier says:

    if gta is not comin out for pc or meets my coms reqarments im a rockstar fan no more!!! i will rather be a ID software fan then

  108. B@N@N@M@N says:



  109. UltemetSoldier says:

    yeah know that alredy

  110. DRAGON_GR says:

    GTA IV FOR PC COMING SOON also Sony announcement its coming 2 for the new PStwo that will come out soon 2 will play all games and it will cost 150$ GTA IV BEST GAME (FOR NOW ALL STILL PLAY GTA San Andreas ONLINEEEE E I LOVE IT ONLINE !)

  111. DRAGON_GR says:

    im a read a magazine about all these guys dont listen anyone else ;) they all noobs or might be idiots

  112. denis_bo$$ says:

    i want the game for my pc becose i don’t have a xbox 360 or ps3

  113. Meggido says:

    Man, there really are some stupid people posting here, the guy above saying his FX5500 could of handled anything must be delusional or doesn’t know what he is chatting about. The GeForce FX series was one of the biggest mistakes nVIDIA ever made, remember the Dustbuster FX 5800?

  114. Shotgun_Junior says:

    GTA IV has to come out for pc. If it doesn’t the world will explode. Also, if it comes out, be sure to buy it and not to download it. Because if you do you won’t be able to use multiplayer.

  115. Guys,i been playing Grand theft auto for three years and i still investigating
    about this New GTA because,i will have find the hidden Features such as
    Illegal Street Racing,a Modified Panzer III tank (actually Powers a Jet Engine)
    and new Weapons.

    i hope you understand this Message….

  116. Oops one more thing,some forums say that GTA IV has included a new and improved Infernus,i hope it is not Lamborghini (i wish it is a R390 or Bugatti or Vice Versa)

  117. Squarecirclehair says:

    I wouldn’t worry about gta4 not running on pcs. In fact PC games overtook console’s capabilities last year, with the makers of Crysis saying it would be impossible to port the game to consoles, because consoles don’t have good enough hardware.

    As with all previous releases of gtas, gta4 should be out towards the end of ’08, but it will have to compete with Spore and Fallout 3…

  118. Jimbo says:

    I can’t wait this f****** long. I want it now. NOW, NOW, NOW, N…….(Brain just blowed up). F*** PC . if you have the money get a xbox 360 or ps3. i heard it was worth it. that’s what i’m doing in the summer holidays.

  119. saeid says:


  120. Daved says:

    I hope it will come of not everyone`s dream will be crushed like a pie!!!! THEY CANT LET US DOWN!!!! IF THERE WAS A WAY WE COULD HELP……..

  121. Daved says:


  122. DJ DonRio says:

    If its true, then Rockstar gonna Rock you again. Haven’t you waited for a good Dj’s party, if he has fame you will be waiting for him to come live. I solemnifies GTA is the best game for PC, surely i will be waiting for the ultimatum they provided but yet there is some chance of conspiracy…

  123. KhalidS19 says:

    First about vista and xp,xp iz better n about console vs pc,pcs r better and wat i know about GTA IZ THAT GTA IV FOR PC WILL BE RELEASED BECAUSE ROCKSTAR DIDNT TELL US ANYTHING ABOUT GTA IV FOR PC If ITZ COMIN OR NOT,BECAUSE WHEN THEY TELL US WE WONT BUY GTA IV FOR CONSOLE , SO FIRST… They are selling gtaiv for consoles then Us extreme pc gamers will get gta iv with more features.

    secret agent *KHALIDS19*

  124. Daved says:


  125. Daved says:


  126. Daved says:

    But wait if they make a PC version won`t the graphics suck on the game???

  127. Daved says:

    Well what do you know i found GTA iv FOR DOWNLOAD i download it and it wasnt the game it was A F****** VIRUS DAMN YOU ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. hail gta iv!!! says:

    Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX
    Nvidia nForce 750i SLI MCP
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Processor 3ghz
    Corsair XMS2 2GB RAM

    can i play the game with that(above) specs???
    and why dint R* release the pc game first and let the consoles ppl suffer!!!!! after all consoles came from PCs!!

  129. Khalids19 says:

    Gta iv for pc will be havin the best graphics than for ps3 and xbox360 and the pc version must be havin more features than the gtaiv for consoles because the graphics card which are in ps3 and xbox360 are like nvidia 7 series graphics cards only while till today we pc gamers have greater and better graphics cards like the nvidia 8800 or 9800 which are more way better than the ps3 and xbox360 graphics

    first, i told u people that when gtaiv comes for pc nobody will buy its console version,and because rockstar want more sales they must first release the ps3 and xbox360 versions and sell them when they think the sales go down they will release for pc in order to make gtaiv alive in the market and make more sales and i think there r only 2 or 3more months to wait.

    secret agent*KHALIDS19*

  130. Daved says:

    Hey i want to know if you could really find RATMAN in GTA IV?? If you can and he is not a mod can you send a picture how he looks in the game?? PLZZZZ if you can THANKS!!

  131. Daved says:

    Sorry my clock at the computer works wrong I cant fix it sorry..

  132. Daved says:

    Plus they will make it because the people voted like 7223 people voted to ROCKSTAR TO BRING GTA IV VERSION FOR PC and 45 people voted NO not to bring!

  133. Prayag says:

    GTA has released on 21 january 2004 but due to political issues the date has extended to 13 december 2008and in gta 4 it is copy of gta san andraes because i have lived in USA quite a long time and it has released in USA so if u want u can cotact me.And in pakistan GTA india has released in which first the opening state is Tripura . but it has only Union territories and GTA India the name of the main hero is tommy VErcetti of gta vc.

  134. KhalidS19 says:

    Stop joking u little *h*t we are talking about gta iv and not gta 4 vc

  135. Daved says:

    Ya u punk we are not talking about GTA VC you F***ing A**hole we are talking about GTA IV you doughbag

  136. Daved says:

    Can you really find RATMAN in the game and if you can SEND ME A PICTURE OF HIM PLZZZZZZZ!

  137. Daved says:

    I think if you buy GTA IV for PC when it comes you have to download multiplayer i think LIKE YOU HAVE TO DO TO GTA SAN ANDREAS YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT TO PLAY IT I THINK……

  138. GTA MON says:

    You will not have to download multiplayer because think, there has not been a online mode that rockstar have created until gta 4. So it would come with the game and be used in the same as on the 360 – ps3 by using the mobile phone. I must say what a bag of shi7 that its not coming out on pc till dec!! I waited donkeys years for it to come out on the 360! So Rockstar get ur feckin finger out!!!

  139. Daved says:

    So the multiplayer will be on the Cd with the singleplayer?

  140. Daved says:


  141. Daved says:

    Can someone send me a picture with RATMAN PLZZZZZZ Cuz i rally like searching in games for Myths CAN SOME ONE SEND ME A PICTURE FO HIM PLEASE?

  142. Daved says:

    And there is multiplayer i found out ita on the same Cd with the singleplayer too!!


  143. Daved says:


  144. Daved says:

    So can i still play the game cuz im only 11?HUH?

  145. KhalidS19 says:

    Why not? And why?what makes u? Why what why do u want rayman? Daved(u seem to be jokin?) and who told u that gtaiv is only for windows vista? *lol*

    secret agent*khalids19*

  146. @ndr3y says:

    dudes if you have a good pc download the xboxz version and use an emulator( it will work on pc

  147. FioPro says:

    “Hey probably the best version to get, you can’t play with 16xAA on the consoles can you? heheh.”

    TVs have natural AA. What they don’t have, it’s the AF ;)

  148. Daved says:

    I want to see ratman ok I just want to see him!!! Wht is your problem??

  149. Daved says:

    and i know its for vista cuz i saw all the images!!!and it says windows vista!!

  150. Uncle Bob says:

    Regardless if they port it for vista or not, there are ways to make the game playable on XP too

    like halo 2

  151. coma says:

    I will never EVER EVER buy a game from rockstar, I think it is just rediculious that they treat their customers like that ,ITS either you release it on PC or you don’t don’t play games with your customers…

  152. carl says:

    shuld come for pc soon

  153. DRAGON_GR says:

    GTA IV awesome game !!!!
    dont SPAM,dont need and the best PC to play gta iv,also GTA san andreas got better cars mods cars its more bueatiful just gta iv its more realistic..

  154. kanzz says:

    why rockstar still waiting in their chair to make a decision for releasig GTA 4 on PC…they should know the PC user is more then PS 3 and XBOX user

    btw, altough it will release in PC version, what kind of PC can support it ? i mean minimum or maximum system requirement…can someone imaging the different PS 3 graphic quality with PC nowadays, i must break my atm to buy a brand new graphic hardware.

    i’m still waiting in the vain™

  155. kanzz says:

    sorry for my bad english T_T

  156. Michael says:

    # Daved Says:
    July 4th, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    Well what do you know i found GTA iv FOR DOWNLOAD i download it and it wasnt the game it was A ********* VIRUS DAMN YOU ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have to say I found this extremely funny.

    First of all the game has not been released for PC thus there should be no downloadable “pirate” version. Which should then lead you do the conclusion that if you are downloading the alleged “game” it will be nothing more then cesspool of every virus known to man.

    Second, your blaming Rockstar because you’re an idiot for believing pirates had released the game before the actual developers had.

    1.) Spamming this page will not bring the game out any quicker.
    2.) Have patience; it is a virtue after all.
    3.) Downloading a game that hasn’t been releases is not the game you want but a boat load of viruses.

  157. _F_A_D_E_ says:

    Stop dissing Vista, XP sucked when it came out to u know, but after a few years drivers got updated computers got faster and RAM got cheaper so now it rockes, i used 98 SE for years after XP came out and ill use XP 4 a couple more years b4 i go to Vista, but i will because DirectX 10 rules. GTA 4 will come out eventually, like b4 christmas, rockstar would be shooting themselves in the balls if they didnt……

  158. bilal says:

    i need GTA 4 very badly
    plz release it. plz

  159. bleak says:

    alienware is a ripoff

  160. adi says:

    xbox uses directx 9 and rockstar is a fair game developer so it will run on winodows xp, the issue is with the ageia physics , hope nvidia will integrate physics into their cards. but imho i dont think this game will ever see the light of pc gaming, i am looking forward to buy a console,(xbox 360).
    Btw vista sux, even bill gates admitted that vista sucks (google it) so why are you guys backing it up? all games vista only arent restricted to vista because of directx , they are made so u encourage microsoft to produce s**t.

    If u want games get a console or a XP-pc (untill linux games arive)
    If u need office programs just grab linux (free reliable , there arent even viruses for it, and it probably has firefox preinstalled :p )

    lol another of my retarded and long comments…..

  161. DemonSpawnTT says:

    rockstar is jus teasn us…makn us pull out our hair over this prolonged matter…LOOK WHAT U MADE ME DO ROCKSTAR U MADE ME KILL MY FAMILY WITH A BAT….jus cuz they said the game promoted violence…shame on u….if they had released it sooner they would be alive…now this is on ur head…

    :) ill still by it….n put it on the net for men to download it heheheheheh

  162. Gabriel says:

    Guys guys, let your blood cool down! First off, R* would be fools to go for christmas sales on the pc market; much better to release for september. Second, someone mentioned PC software piracy? lol! If you want ANY game you can find a pirated copy’s torrent within about 2 minutes if you know where to look, and that goes for pc AND consoles. One thing that PC gamers have had for a long long time though is loyalty to developers, and if you happen to get a pirated game that you really enjoy and have the cash to spare, many of us will buy a genuine copy. The major selling point of GTA IV on the PC will be the fact that our systems (gamers) are better than any stock console, and we can force graphical features you console types have never even dreamed of. All in all, I do believe consoles have a point of existence: If all those idiots had no consoles, they’d come to PCs for their gaming, and imagine the state of PC gaming if they did!

  163. Ushandante says:

    I don’t think that GTA 4 will come to pc .I mean GTA 4 will be really big and even the 360 has some difficulties.(luckily ps3 has blu-ray, i have a ps3) the pc wont survive the acesseries needed for GTA 4

  164. Nemaju oni pojma says:

    A u picku materinu i sa GTA4. Moram da cekam 100 godina da izadje…jeee…Mada nas PC gamer-e ima da boli jajce kad izadje 4 za komp.
    #Ako imas 5 virsli onda nemas nijednu ali imas GTA4#
    BTW:Bas sam majmun :)

  165. you know guys if pc wasnt there then there was no damn XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. dumb******* says:

    Some of the stuff said in here makes my eyes bleed, either half of you are 12 yrs old or you’re all illiterate SOBs. First of all if you’d take the time to research the Xbox360/PS3 you’d realize they both have last-gen video cards in them (PS3 actually has a 7series Nvidia so that’s 2 generations behind)but yet GTA IV seems to run just fine on them, the only advantage consoles have over most decent(not high-end, dualcore, 2g ram, 8600gts and up) PCs is the processing power. Consoles have much less ram and like I said older video cards, they’re really nothing special compared to most newer computers in the price range of $1000. The only reason most people have problems with PC games even if they have a good computer is because they don’t know jack about PCs, i would bet money that a good 1/2 of problems people have with PC games is because of out of date drivers and viruses/spyware.

    Finally just to clear up any worries PC gamers may have about GTA 4 running on your system, my guess is as long as you have 2g ram, a dualcore CPU@2.4ghz or higher and a higher end 7series nvidia card or ATI equivalent (atleast 8600gt for 8series) and your computer isnt full of viruses and is up to date then you won’t have any problems running the game looking at least as good as the 360/PS3 versions. If you have anything less then that you’ll still probably be able to run the game with some of the graphical options turned down.

    BTW some of you console fanboys thinking the 360/PS3 are these all-powerful machines that no computer can match you are just plain *****, where the **** do you think the developers make the game in the first place? you think they sit there with a console designing and putting it all together, NO they make them on PCs just like all other games, so if you’re in doubt about there being a PC version of GTA 4 then i really wouldn’t worry considering it was most likely done before the console versions ever were.

    Okay, now i feel better after getting all of that out =P

  167. _F_A_D_E_ says:

    Ushandante, What r u on mate ? do some research, the 360 and ps3 r fairly lame if u line them up against a dual core or quad core running 8800 or better graphics card, seriously dude…..

  168. Steve says:

    Would be funny if they released GTA 5 on PC in October :D

    I’d be more than happy. But wouldn’t think this could even be true.

    Let’s just wait and go on with our pathetic little life’s before we get all aggresive or crazy…..

  169. policeplease says:

    hey guys i found out from some site that shows gta 4 will release at june 30 and it was showing that it was written by rock* north and take two interactive , i dont believe it, doy ou guys do

  170. Sebastony says:

    I didn’t read all the posts so maybe some of you know , but i got something.

    Oke, a working link doesn’t work. (copy it in your browser).

    Release date GTA 4 For pc : 30th november 2008. (normally)

  171. Jim Acrobi says:

    Let’s all face the facts… Game studios don’t give two solid sh**’s about us PC gamers. It’s all about the consoles now. It’s just that goddamned easier for developers to make a game on a console rather than a PC. There’s no hardware issues, controls are simpler, no operating systems to worry about… Soon we’ll be lucky to have any games released on PC at all.

    Never mind the fact that we gave the GTA franchise its start for f***’s sake. Ingrateful pack of c***’s that Rockstar are.


  173. Nicolás says:

    According to (a very trusted source), ESRB ratings update lists both Grand Theft Auto IV and Bully: Scholarship Edition for the “Windows PC” platform… so I supose is just about time.

    here’s the source

    It’s cool to have Bully also for pc !

  174. Johnathan says:

    There are some strong indications to why Rockstar should release a PC version of GTA IV: they have done it with all the previous versions. As Nicolás in the post over points out: the status was updated on ESRB (although they removed it again – but it was listed as a windows game!). Last but not least: there is the potential to make some money with a PC release. But they will maximize the profit by keeping it secret, so they can make as many as possible buy the PS3 and XBOX versions first.

    If we are lucky, the PC version will be released in time for Christmas – because Christmas is the peak of game revenues, and Rockstar can make a decent profit!

    Until a release date is announced by Rockstar themselves, don’t believe any dates you see anywhere. 30th October, 13th December etc are alle false.

  175. Daan says:

    Who cares teddy bears, I have to say that now, after the hype has cooled down, Im realy glad im not sitting here with a ps3 ill never use again but on which i was able to play gta 4.

    tbh, i dont realy care that much about gta 4 that much anymore since ive playd it at friends more that enough.

    Tough luck rockstar, lost another guaranteed customer by putting off the pc release date. Bought all the gta’s in the past (with the exeption of london) but i think ill just download this one, just because i feel a little screwed over beeing a fan from the first hour who never abandonned his pc for a crappy console which is nothing more than a stripped down pc with less options.

  176. Kristaps-K9[Lv] says:

    Isnt rockstar already swimming in money cuz all of their games are with a high rating and GTA vice and liberty city stories havent been released on PC only on PSP

    And theres a GTA chinatow wars coming on nintendo ds this winter——- If GTA IV wont be released before gta cw then Rockstar is FREAKIN CRAZY

  177. Theo says:

    I think pc version will be existed, but no by rockstar. I think microsoft will create something like an emulator but only for GTA IV.

    p.s. Sorry about my english, I’m greek.

  178. Sarn Says says:

    Release date, November 18th and 21st for North America and Europe respectively.

  179. Khalids19 says:

    I told u guys am the secret agent* khalids19* and i have got good news its that rockstar announced officially gta iv will be in pc in 18th nov in north america and 21th nov in europe if u want to see the proof go to ign news,or site or the taketwo official site
    thanks your,

    secret agent

  180. Nikolain says:

    18th NOV 2008 – USA
    21st NOV 2008 – Europe
    cant wait guys

  181. I felt like i’ve been ripped off… They shoulda put those multiplayer game modes for the PS3 version of GTA 4 too

  182. Alex says:

    it alradey out!
    they are makeing more then 5mil copeys then sold it alot money :D

  183. Bilal says:

    Hy Gta Iv comes in pc 21 November…..

  184. Bilal says:

    khalids how much requeirment for pc

  185. Roy says:

    HI, Guys
    AnyBody Could Help me by telling me when will GTA IV on PC will be Released.
    And It’s system Requirements ??
    Email me @: if you got any details or news on GTA IV PC.

  186. ali atlas says:

    wooooooow my god what a news GTAIV For pc?
    i die for it it will be the best because you can edit it!change the vihecles
    and much more

  187. Khalids19 says:

    People the system requirements are not yet announced but as soon as they are announced i will always be the first to tell u.and abou gtaiv is out for pc and if u guys dont trust my first post then u can go check in many sites like,, they all have the news already.or even go to there official site and u will see the games for windows live logo in there site.
    Your secret agent


  188. _F_A_D_E_ says:

    Nice, about time. Anyway release dates r 4 america and europe, what about Australia ?????? anyone know ?

  189. Kristaps-K9[Lv] says:


    just read my newsletter- release date – NOVEMBER 2008 (18.11.08-US 21.11.08-EU)


    but the system specs arent mentioned

  190. Khalids19 says:

    But by my approximation i think if they optimaise it nicely the minimum specs are goyna be.:1gb of ram for xp/2gb of ram for vista,nvidia 6800gt,cpu intel pentium 4/pentium d,and maybe 10gb of hdd needed and the reccomended specs are around nvidia 8600gt or 7900gtx(which the ps3 uses),Intel core 2 duo,2gb of ram of windows xp
    secret agent


  191. kirmaaan says:

    i love gta i want it now

  192. rich57 says:

    saw this at today……..Due for release on 21/11/2008

  193. james bond 007 says:

    rock star is enough smart business to creat gta iv pc .they want leave pc market. but i think system requirment will be double of gta san andreas 128 memory card 512 ram.if you need best perfomance it should be atleast double the minimum system the dates given in this website rockster official annoucement ?

  194. 21AG says:

    Hi,i got pest pc in turkey with top ddr3 configuration,can’t wait to play with Niko

  195. Mladen says:

    i’ll not have problems running this game with 2gb ram memory, intel core2duo 3ghz and RX3870 512mb ,256bits interface with GDDR IV’ll run smoothly on XP

  196. andrew says:

    the first person to get the pc version shd pls drop me a message @

    its true

    its coming in nov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. Ibrahim says:

    hello, recently i received a message to my email adress and it says that gta iv pc will release in 18 november

  198. Nicolás says:

    gee, now that gtaIV pc is official from (November 21), I wonder if Bully Scholarship edition will also be released for pc… It’s still at for windows pc platform rate, but who knows… Love that game also !

  199. Wags says:

    GTA IV to be released in Nov 08. Check out the Rockstar Website link.

  200. jack says:

    yes is it is comming out for pc in october

  201. Goneval says:


    And please make it available for my 1337 laptop with a

    nutkicking 1.8 duocore,
    my pro 1GB ramdrive,
    the Windows XP menu system :|
    and the asswhopping ATI X1600 gamingcard with a 128mb gamingramdrive (upto 512 mb)
    it also has a dual burning combo drive that will knock the ****out of your ****!

  202. Sy says:

    guys, gta 4 is amazing on ps3 but I dont have one lol! I have PC and whata ****take! whys it not been released yett still for us! Pc version is bound to look better tho ifyou upgrade your system. did you know you cant fly planes tho on gta4 because of 9/11 that sucks abit tbh coz its only a game! I hope they change that! roll on december then if thats when its being released am so sickof playing on san andreas lol!

  203. Hamza says:

    i think da best requirment for gta 4 pc wud b:
    pentium 4
    windows vista/xp
    1024mb ram atleast
    graphics by NVIDIA 8400m g 128 mb
    core 2 duo should b inside
    direct x 9c

  204. Hamza says:


  205. Praneeth says:

    I relly need gta 4 pc version please release it as soon as possible……….!

  206. kaos_king says:

    Awesome! Cant wait til this is out!

  207. From Portugal With Love says:

    Finally, they said it wouldn’t come out… hahahahaha yeah right…
    I knew the pc version was just a few months away.. I’m pretty sure my computer will play the game. I hope so…

  208. zenno says:

    i’m a pc gamer a long time now and i bought an xbox 360 to play gta4. got through a few levels of it and wasn’t impressed with the graphics too much. no antialiasing at all and the slowdowns on the 360 are “crap” annoying. i noticed this slowdown problem alot with other games as well so i decided to sell the xbox 360 and got what i payed for it all back no loss. so will just wait till november to play it with better speed and graphics.

  209. Enger says:

    Ok, seriously people, i here all this stuff, like “it shouldnt take that long” and “the codes similar”,

    A “standard” pc obviously uses an AMD, or an Intel CPU, wich i think use the risc instruction set,

    The 360, uses an ibm cpu, just like the slightly older mac’s, wich use the cisc architecture,

    The point is, the code from one is incompatible with the other, and it takes lots of engineers to translate and recompile the code.

    So that’s why, if they where to do that, would take a while, plus if the 360 wast to be emulate, it would probably only work on a G5 mac, which where the first machines used to demo the 360 games.

  210. mop45star says:

    do you guys even know how much i want this game

    hell i even tried to run the xbox 360 emualitor and it did not work

    and quite frankly i dont care on wich windows it comes cuz i have both of theme

    my system :
    runing on micro soft windows vista ultimate sp1 and micro soft windows xp pro sp2
    i have an intel core 2 due @ 2.20 ghz cache size 2 mb
    2gb ddr2 ram
    nividia gt 8500 512
    so if any1 knows if it should run on my system please tell me

  211. arlind says:

    my gta ne copjuter ok

  212. Hell Boy says:

    When exit Grang Theft Auto VI for PC??

  213. Alex says:

    ALIENWARE? I’m building my PC for this :D. Alienware is a RIP-OFF. Go ask Santa for some computer parts ;).

  214. ajaya says:

    GTA 4 on pc
    1 GB OF DDR 2 RAM
    CORE 2 DUO E4500
    7400 GT 256 MB

  215. athar says:

    i think its coming out october or november 08 thats what i herd…! anyway will the pc version be compatible becoz i think it will but not exactly sure..?

  216. hello says:

    I read all the comments… took I while!.. not

  217. mayk says:

    The requirements for GTA 4 on the pc will be:

    windows xp sp2
    2gb of ram
    18gb of hard drive
    512mb videocard with directX9 with shaders
    and a Dual-layer DVD-drive

  218. Jer says:

    I don’t know if this has already been said but on the ESRB’s website you look up GTA 4 and the game shows up on 360, PS3 and PC so evidence supporting a PC version of GTA 4 is there look for youself.

  219. CharO.o says:

    GO to the GTA website. It says the PC version is being released on Nov.18, 2008! In the US. Gosh, do some research…

  220. Greg says:

    just saw a commercial for it this morning, vista symbol at bottom but don’t know if its vista-only

  221. Ninch says:

    i guess it’s gonna run on my rig :

    P5K Asus SLI-Ready
    4Gb OCZ 800Mhz
    Sapphire HD 4850 512 GDDR3
    E6400 2.13 OC-ed on 2.6Ghz

  222. jamil says:

    I cant wait eny more I want GTA IV NOW!!! I cant wait 2 monts more I wil it NOW

  223. gta-men says:

    i’played all the gta games,some are good,some stink.
    f this game reqaire more then usual computer, it wont be the best gta game, f it will requaire more the gta san andreas will be the best gta game !!!



  224. reece says:

    lol gta iv is released for pc in the uk 24th october it even says so in argos.

  225. The requirements for GTA 4 on the pc will be:

    windows xp sp2
    2gb of ram
    18gb of hard drive
    512mb videocard with directX9 with shaders
    and a Dual-layer DVD-drive

    ****** Checks wallet and cries O_O, ******

  226. Dragon God says:

    well people its already been leaked out over the net….. its so damn sweet. you can d0wnl0ad on certain sites just found it…

  227. michael says:


  228. Long Wonder says:

    I hope it will work on Windows Se7en or 6.1 … lol

  229. y2k says:

    gta 4 is for stupid people play hahahh u all has no mother

  230. Pratham says:

    Can i run GTA 4 On this

    I Have

    CPU : Pentium D 3.0
    RAM : 2GB
    GRa.: NVidia 256 Mb 7300 with Pixel Shader
    HDD: 250GB
    Main Board : Intel Chipset 845

  231. tekken4 says:

    What r u talkin bout 3rd december ?!?I hope its just a stupid joke from people with no humor and no brain..Ok, does any1 knows when it’ll be available for piratized download?I aint givin money to those rich ****that made us wait for years cause all them want is more money more dollars and ***

  232. Junkee says:

    They are soo dumb… I would honestly buy this game when i comes out… but because the AUS release date is after US… i will just download it now… their loss!

  233. m52 says:

    haha.aimings better in the pc version!

  234. Ketpaulo says:

    Awesome i didnt even know they were releasing it for the pc until i seen the commercial yesterday, and i think thats lucky being i only had to wait for not that long, cant wait till it comes out!

  235. bogbrush says:

    im not buying this b***s**t

  236. Shadwell says:

    Release date now set for december 12th, way to go ‘eagle-eyed reader’ !!

    minimum system specs: dualcore 1.8Ghz processor, 1,5GB RAM, 256MB NVIDIA 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900, Xp sp3.

  237. adina says:

    well….my pc has 8 gb ram…radeon 9800……2000 gb hard drive…….it’ will work…right?

  238. GAMER BOY says:

    R* are take so much time 2 release the title gta4.
    they are giving priority 2 console users first which doest not show any respect 2 the pc users.
    R* should release their products 2 all platforms so every one can enjoy.
    According 2 R* there were many date fixed for releasing this title but always postporned.
    I pray that the final date given by R* doest change.

  239. madan says:

    exactlypls tell me when the gta 4 release

  240. jim halpert says:

    Listen guys, I work directly as a java Decoder for a third party corporate which works for Rock star games under a six month contract….Recently , My contract was Finished so I can fearlessly announce the Launch date …..its schedule for a Feb 2009 release….
    I am not much of a GTA fan ..But looking at this craziness I decided to shell it out…

  241. Geezer says:

    Do you also know what the release date from GTA IV will be in the Netherlands?


  242. albro says:

    so will it be released on december 18 or december 2nd? or 12th? or what?? so confused…and whens it available for download?

  243. bob says:

    how much giga bites do u people think it will take up?

  244. CMG says:


    1. Check if your computer can run the game

    2. You’re all forgetting that big companies like Micro*** and Rockstar are businesses and do not care about respect for PC gamers, even if we are the majority of the gaming community. They’re in it for the money, not your approval.

    3. ‘Jim Halpert’ you can make up as many stories as you want but I don’t trust anyone who uses a fake name on posts – especially names from TV. It would be stupidity to release the game AFTER Christmas. It _will_ be released in December.

    Thanks for reading.

  245. iLouie says:

    iWish it will have for Mac

  246. Patrick says:

    I was on like it said it was comeing to the pc on november 18th I CANT BELIVE I WASTED MY TIME AT FRED MYERS LOOKING FOR IT

  247. GTA4 says:

    december 2nd, click on the amazon link guys.

  248. uuuouh says:

    Hey, does anyone think this will have antiallising on PC?

  249. Serbia says:

    It will not come out 4 Mac…

  250. Serbia says:

    Also… Why they should not release PC version? The fealing is best 2 play with keyboard and mouse…

  251. m3t@L says:

    december 2th,2008 at 10: am

    i believe is the best version ao gta and the graphics too.

  252. m3t@L says:

    i believe is the best version of gta and the graphics too

  253. Batzinos says:


  254. Syny says:

    gw pk nvidia 7300 se 256 mb bs bwt maen ta 4 gak plesss… jwb ya

  255. William says:

    So was this title released today?

  256. Adikaaaa says:


    Look in car.WTF Borat wants in GTA IV? lol

  257. tom4455 says:

    Uh yeh its out now guys!

  258. NO says:

    GTA IV PC reeks of EPIC FAIL.

    GTA SA PC+ MODS >>>>>> GTA IV.


  259. emon says:

    wowww !! gta4 !!

  260. Reading some of your posts made me just want to say that YES GTA 4 is coming to the PC and according to BestBuy they are now backordered for 1-2 weeks, I placed my order but I doubt it will arrive before Xmas. I also ordered a wireless PS3 controller so I can install needed drivers and place the needed mods to use a PS3 controller on the PC for easier gameplay, I do hate using the keyboard when playing games on the PC. I may have doubts about graphics and internet gameplay. The graphics may not be the greatest but it depends on your Graphics Card, I have a 8500GT 512MB may need to upgrade to an HD or something but we will see.

  261. gaurav sharma says:

    maa ki chuth behan ke lodho kya hai yein……………………iam waiting for this game from last 1 yrs but i think wait is over………………….so enjoy

  262. Scotish Lad says:

    Micheal says: “I may have doubts about graphics and internet gameplay. The graphics may not be the greatest but it depends on your Graphics Card, I have a 8500GT 512MB”

    Well Get a Better System Dude 8500GT isn’t gaming card 8800GT/s/x/ultra and 9800GT/x/x+/280 are gaming cards. Plus a nice system spec too.

    Tho my PC release is not running at all on my system (i can’t beleave they would bring a game thats Dual Core only) p4-3.9ghz/4GB-ram/8800GTX.

  263. Fluudu says:

    This better come out on Vista
    I have been waiting for a GTA game to run on vista’s terrible service.
    Man i wish I still had my XP

  264. Nicolae says:

    Man this is great
    I wante to buy a ps3 or xbox360 but me dad wont let me but now he wont do anything
    finally ill try gtaVI

  265. armin says:

    cod of gat
    lose polise level 2675550100
    wepeans 4825550100 . 4865550100

  266. bumpy says:

    fail spelling.

  267. NikkoGalicia says:

    GTA IV Is the best game Ever runs Great on my Computer! Core2Extreme 4gRam 1Gb Video card! Over Qualified!

  268. NOs says:

    gta 4 is allright, but ill still go with call of duty 5 and metal gear solid 4

  269. thank u man says:

    nice man very good! but don’t forget to make backup of your discs… if you don;t have DVD9 discs you can split gta iv to 4 DVD5… itested it it is very good i made backup from the files of the 2 DVD9 discs to 4 DVD5. IT ROCKS! :D download it from here url=

  270. abhay says:

    requiest ]

    please download gta 4 in my comp



    phone no 9311457211

  271. ridwan says:

    gta iv is the best and relstic you can do all sorts of things

  272. ridwan says:

    gta iv is the best and relstic you can do all sorts of things and many unlockable i only know one it is finish story mode in less than 37 hr get pc it has good grapics other than the xbox360 and ps3

  273. ridwan says:

    gta iv is the best and relstic you can do all sorts of things and many unlockable i only know one it is finish story mode in less than 37 hr get pc it has good grapics other than the xbox360 and ps3 you’ll see

  274. anonymous says:

    GTA 4 super gamewill it run in 3 gb 1 gb video card

  275. JCP says:

    Playing GTA IV with GTX 260 and Phenom II, its great fun.

  276. i am 11 years old and i know it’s awesome

  277. I see I keep returning to your blog. Great material. Thank you for posting.