Nintendo DSi release date confirmed for US and Europe

After many months of crazy Japanese schoolgirls buying the Nintendo DSi until stocks ran out it’s now our chance to buy a the latest update to the Nintendo DS. Are the two camera’s, SD card slot, bigger screens, built in Web browser and downloadble games enough to make you purchase this? I’m still unsure as both of my Black DS Lite’s are serving me quite well at the moment, however if you want to be the first to own a proper regionalized DSi then you’ll have to pre-order early to avoid disappointment.

The Nintendo DSi release date is April 5th 2009 for North America and two days earlier (April 3rd 2009) in the UK but it’s not as cheap as we’d have hoped for. Shoppers in the UK are looking at a £149 price point whilst those in the US can expect a $170 price tag.

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Nintendo DSi

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