Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 release date

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009’s been confirmed for an Autumn release in the UK. They promise a complete graphical overhaul and more tweaks to make the game even more like the real thing. Konami, please sort out better set plays and non-jerky online play.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 release date

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44 Responses

  1. nikoleman says:

    more plastic players! i can’t tell the difference with paper mario. Please konami give us something to hope for!

  2. Tim Bayliss says:

    Yeah Pro 2008 sucked completely.

    Played more like FIFA03 than Pro Evo.



    NOT SLOW + ****.


  3. Nano says:

    Fifarcade **uks… PES 4ever!!! 100% Simulation!!!

  4. Florin says:

    make de the goalkeepers good not stupid goals taked by them…where is the pleasure to play…and i think is gonna be more difficult..:D

  5. Torres says:

    omfg u sad ****pro evo 9 and 8 are betta than fifa 08 or any fifa get that in ur *****heads

  6. jam ie says:

    pes rlz
    fifa sucks
    pes is awsome but plz help fifa plz
    only jokin pro evo rocks

  7. Ahsan says:

    Pro Evo 8 was different and tats y ppl are having difficult time adjusting to it but it still made a great game, its nothing like FIFA coz FIFA is for lil kids. Pro 8 looks better, plays like a PRO, better handling of a ball but could do with a bit more speed and better goal keepers but its still a good game

  8. Albert says:

    man one thing i can say to fifa players you lot must be low level or one hand ppl coz you dont need to move in the game you can just tab x and you gonna be doing perfect passing dont need to aim to who you gonna pass it and the shooting is for age 3- not + every shot top corner never miss i dont understand how you fifa fans can compare with pro evo ,
    fifas dream is to be like pro evo but they never gonna get that . they trying to change the passing and ****but still ****and allways gonna be *****

  9. big p says:

    fifa isn’t a patch on pro evo, people think graphics n team sponsorships are great but pro evo is the ultimate football game! and i am the konami king!

  10. Jamie says:

    Well i Useualy Buy Both Fifa And PES But i Must Say This Year Fifa Stood Out More For Me PES Was Good but then Got Boring, I Meen seriously The Goal Keepers, Hahaha Their a Joke But So Are Fifa Keeps Lol

    Fifa With Pro’s Game Play Youve Got yourself a Classic But Slowly Fifa is Getting Better and Fifa 09 look Really Good Soo I Hope PES Pull it off and Suprise us all!

  11. Jake.T says:

    i think pro has the best gameplay but fifa have the best footy kits and have propa names insted of man red, merseyside etc. If pro had the right kits the game wud be brilliant

  12. biznezman says:

    fifa rules, pro evo drules

  13. gamers that thinks pro evo sucks…….. suck at pro evo

  14. ZAK says:


  15. Christopher Glading says:

    when the pro evolution soccer 2009 will be release for PS3 ?
    thanks and reply back asap

  16. Podshow says:

    The date has been confirmed here:-

    …also includes new PES 2008 screenshots and a PES2008 trailer.

  17. Bob says:

    pro kills fifa 2001 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 any fifa pro is da best

  18. M.Q.Hot says:

    Pro evo is the best, although Electronic Arts take on Euro 2008 was a pretty good treat, if they can make fifa 2009 just as good or better then ill get both pro evo and fifa 09

  19. NWO says:

    So when does PES come out in the US?

  20. Flad says:


  21. barry12 says:

    pro evo is the shisnits fifa is kaker than kak gameplay is rubbish pro evo rules the football world

  22. ramsay says:

    i have playes evo since jap version years before it came out over in the uk it was awesome the best ever footy game but !!!! evo 08 is rubbish players fall over keepers are crap gameplay is just not the same i can play it and beat some one who plays it 24/7 …. so i turned to fifa 08 and it is far better to play so all u evo fans just take note fifa 08 rock evo 08 sucks …. and im just hoping evo 08 puts the game back where it belongs … the best footy game on the market …………..

  23. pesfani says:

    pro evo has better gameplay than fifa..though fifa kicks pes butt in graphics..Konamiiiiiiiii, use another graphic engine doesnt seem any different from 2008??!

  24. redslad says:

    2 things that definately need changing : 1, the jittering in every game. i’ve noticed it always happens when there are seceral things going on eg, loads of players in the box. 2, the bloody music. most of the songs they use aren’t good choices for the game.

  25. pes09*** says:

    People say that pes 09 was no were near what it shud hav been, and true it could have been a great game, but it doesnt meen its crap. its still a way sick game, mabye people had better expectations cos the previous games have been so good, but if there was no such thing as pes before 08 then u wouldnt be expecting anything of it and it would have been amazing. you see what im sayin?

  26. Andy says:

    People who say pro evo 08 was “plastic” with plastic players obviously had it on an old console n not a next gen i have it on the ps3 and the graphics are simply awesome

  27. wilkes says:

    You lot are weird, we live in a democracy, free choice free opinion get it… if you like pro evo better get that one, vice versa, no one is more or less stupid because of it, lets all stop bitching and get on with some gaming. N.E.R.D….

  28. daniboy786 says:

    pro evo rulez
    people hu say fifa is any good at all havent played pro
    end of…

  29. riquelme10 says:

    the keepers are shocking in pes 08,they need fixing and its abit to easy to score because of silly defending and keepers..editing mode on ps3 needs to be better so even if they dont get licenses u cud get a good update that some1 edited,need to learn from fifas online play2!!iv als bin pro but the lack of all these things has bin swaying me 2 fifa!!!

  30. qaz says:

    you all suck!!! i play pro evo online and have not lost a single game, i dont think any 1 is ready for me….. plz evry1 practice so wen i challenge sum1 it gives me a bit of a challenge…

  31. RedHOT says:

    Oh MY GOOOD!!! All those who play FIFA are SUCKERS MAAAAN!!! FIFA is a game for kids…if u rili wanna experience great football matches play pes///BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER!!! FIFA fans SUCKSSSS!!! WE ROCK….bloody kids…sucka

  32. FiFaKiCkSaSs!!! says:

    I had pro evo 08 and it sucks ass. Its 2 arcade like and not realistic. Even wen the players kick the ball if you watch closely the ball doesnt touch their feet!!! Ive seen the trailer for 09 and its idenitical 2 08. The same crappy graphics with no variation on kicking styles, no skills or nothing. The new Fifa kicks ass!! The best footie game 2 day and its just like playing in real life, not in an arcade!!

  33. F.Torres9 says:

    The set pieces in pro were not exactly great, and if you played on top player and scored 6 goals it would nearly always give the computer a concelation goal , no matter how hard you tried and got repetetive.The online gaming was terrible.i have bought every pes game since creation.fix online play and game would be kick fifa’s donkey! hope you do it konami! make us proud.

  34. Wazza says:

    I just cant understand how anyone can say that fifa is better then pes. I tried playing fifa every year and never managed to play a whole game,it sucks so much.
    Having said that fifa09 looks better and plays better but still you dont feel totally in control of the game.

    Played the pes09 demo and i can say its brilliant and addictive. Good job Konami…..

  35. F.Torres9 says:

    PES is the ultimate best football game ever! KIDS play fifa, REAL MEN play PES! Played the new demo for pes09 and it looks fantastic , if online play is up to high standards, fifa will struggle in getting people to buy their game and pes will kick its donkey.

    So any fifa kids out there??? whats that? none? everyone too busy buying pes09? well done guys, fifa is just a fashion accessory to look good , but PES gets down and plays some footy! Aint that right?

  36. kaka says:

    fifa 09 amazing

  37. kaka says:

    sorry i mean pes 09 is amazing

  38. alousow says:

    when pes come out in us

  39. I’ve owned every pro evo game. They’re brilliabt. But i was expecting much more from 2008. I’ve played 2009, and things are much improved. Thank God for that

  40. Saiyajin says:

    Third Commandment of Gaming:

    Thou shalt not be fanboyish in the name of gaming!

    But Pro Evo looks nice. I havent played Fifa since 2003 but tried the 2008 for a while and it just feel bit stiff. feels like arcade game and PES is more like a simulation.

    I prolly give a chance to Fifa this year but still PES2009 is on my priority list.

  41. sky says:

    1. FIFA OWNS
    2. You are all retards
    3. STFU and play what you like, because I dont care

  42. Rich-E says:

    PRO, PRO, PRO. its all about the gameplay! Balls to real names and kits, would be nice, but i know i buy a game for GAME PLAY which is why fifa gets no look in.

  43. NESSCOL says:


  44. Heffyg says:

    I’ve now played both so I can comment. FIFA is a simulator. PES is a game. Both are very entertaining and both are very fun to play. Leave it at that.