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PES 2012

PES 2012 to feature Cristiano Ronaldo

The new cover star for PES 2012 has been unveiled and it’s none other than former Manchester United striker and Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s no word yet whether Pro Evo 2012 will feature DLC where you get to crash your Ferrari into a tunnel or if the game will feature a special wink button after an opponent has been sent off. Buy PES 2012 now New: Buy PES 2012 from Amazon.com Related: Pro Evo 2012, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 review, PES 2012 trailer

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 review

There’s no denying that the FIFA franchise has taken the crown over the past three years or so when it comes to which is the best football game. I’ve actually been annoyed at how PES has stood still over the years but finally, Konami have completely overhauled the game to make it a much better game. And because it plays more like FIFA, PES fans may perversely not like these changes even though in my opinion they’re for the better. Play an exhibition match and straight away you’ll notice the great player models and improved presentation. Everything looks better and...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 screenshot

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 review

Last year’s Pro Evo was a big disappointment, so much so that I didn’t play it once after I finished reviewing it. FIFA was my footy game of choice last year so what can Pro Evo do this time to win my affections once again? The first thing you’ll notice before you get into the actual game is the way the stats are displayed. Gone is the graphical representation and numbers up to 100 are back. So far, at least for me, so good. Presentation, at least in terms of player looks has taken a big leap too. Liverpool’s my...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 lineup

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has been lined up as the other cover star of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 along with Lionel Messi. The new game features advanced tactical switching, better realism and player characteristics but unfortunately Mark Lawrenson’s still commentating. Related: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 review, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Wii Version review.

Screenshot of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Wii Version review

Last year everyone was surprised when PES came out on the Wii and delivered a very different take on the football game we’re all very familiar with. Instead of controlling players individually and only getting full control when they have the ball, the Wii version let you send players on runs exactly where you wanted them to go by dragging a ‘rubber band’ for them to follow. This changed the way you played and let you play as a whole team which, although tricky to pick up, become really fun to play once you got the hang of it. This...

Screenshot of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 review

Even though last year’s Pro Evo had strange teleporting issues when it came to multiplayer, I still persevered with it for 12 months. Now 2009’s out, it’s time to put that one aside and see if this one improves on last year’s effort. The good news is online is now smoother to play but does have some brand new issues. More about that later, but first, what’s the single player like. The first thing you’ll notice is the menus are all bright and Wii-like. And good news for me, Liverpool finally get to be in the game without being called...