Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Wii Version review

Last year everyone was surprised when PES came out on the Wii and delivered a very different take on the football game we’re all very familiar with. Instead of controlling players individually and only getting full control when they have the ball, the Wii version let you send players on runs exactly where you wanted them to go by dragging a ‘rubber band’ for them to follow. This changed the way you played and let you play as a whole team which, although tricky to pick up, become really fun to play once you got the hang of it. This new version takes the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, version, makes some tweaks and adds a few new modes which footy fans should love.

So what’s new with the controls? Well, they’re pretty much unchanged, although now you can also shoot by pointing to the net with the remote and pressing B. You can also still shake the Nunchuck if you prefer though. You also have more control of tackling and can bring a second player in to help you out. And if you just can’t get to grips with the point and click control system but only have a Wii and are jealous of your mates who have the game on other formats using a normal controller, you can even use a Classic Controller and play the game in the ‘old-fashioned’ way.

When it comes to game modes the Champions Road is still there where you collect new players and add them to your squad as you progress, there’s the Champions League mode which featured in the 2009 next-gen versions and the Master League makes a return after it went MIA in last year’s Wii version.

What disappoints is, considering this game came out in March, it doesn’t take into account transfers at the beginning of the year. Robbie Keane’s STILL in the Liverpool squad which will annoy Liverpool fans such as myself and Spurs fans alike. Luckily, there is a full edit mode so you can change the names of unlicensed teams and players. There’s also Mii support so you can get yourself and your mates on the pitch and live out your football fantasies.

If you’re a football fanatic and you didn’t buy last year’s title then it’s definitely worth a look. If you already have 2008’s version and you’re not bothered about the Master League or Champions League, it may prove to be more of the same but fantastic nonetheless. PES 2009 on the Wii gets 8 out of 10.

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