Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare review

So we all know that for the last few years Call of Duty has been doing the World War 2 thing better than anyone else. They’ve always bee known for great cinematic set pieces, jumping about the campaigns filling different shoes of what we in the Western world call the ‘good guys’ and a decent online experience too.

Well, finally the game’s come into the modern era so it doesn’t end up doing a ‘Medal of Honor’ and what we get here is more great set pieces, a decent online experience and some very tasty graphics this time around, with new bad guys to fight being some very naughty Russians.

The game opens with a fantastic set piece set on a boat where you and your SAS team do your mission, then the boat begins to sink so it’s a race back to the deck with the ship listing to the side and water pouring in from everywhere. It feels like something straight from an action movie, complete with corny dialogue and, being part of the British campaign, we’ve got geezers who sound like they’ve come straight from Albert Square barking at you instead of the stiff upper lips from back in the day.

From then on, a president gets executed on live TV and you get the unnerving point of view when the credit roll of being inside his head, dragged into a car, driven through war-torn streets, tied to a stick in the square and shot. Nice!

Like most other Call of Duty games this one hold your hands throughout and might as well be on rails. Sure, there are times when you can choose which path to take but you always land in the same spot with your squad mates telling you to complete certain objectives or shoot specific targets. They will largely ignore these so you can’t just stay at the back and let everyone else fight for you – which is probably what I would do if I was really being shot at.

You’re equipped with flash bangs, frag grenades, a pistol and an assault rifle and can choose to aim yourself or fire through the scope to snap onto targets. And you’ll need to use this as this game is hard, even on regular mode. You’ll die lots from a grenade or even a burning car suddenly exploding if you’re too close.

However, you do have an urge to play on as the experience is so intense and even looks better then the recent Ghost Recon games.

Online there are a number of deathmatch, team deathmatch and objective-based games which keep you playing as you get promoted as you play and can then unlock extra perks to give you the edge over opponents.

If you like your war games and want a less tactical game than say Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six, then this one will definitely provide that, as well as showing off what your HD console can do to your mates. It gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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